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Rate your favorite bands and albums.

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#5143 by Vocals & Bass
Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:46 am
I like white lion & queensryche alot. I dont think casey is bashing any bands with the intent of offending anyone personally. Just expressing his favorite style of music. He has his right to a personal opinion. Dont you agree Sis? Rockin in the Free World! {Hope no one gets mad at me].....PEACE.......

#5154 by liquid_embrace
Fri Feb 23, 2007 4:12 pm
I'm with you on this one. I didn't really dig the "their music sucks!" comment either. I like to think I can appreciate an artist even if I am not in love with their music.

I really don't get how anyone can say that EVH is overrrated. One could argue that the guy single-handedly brought down disco. Everyone for an entire decade was copying this style and technique. Even today the new shred bands like Dragonforce still copy what Eddie started.

Zakk? He and a few others practically carried the flag for metal during the 90s when so many other musicians of the genre fell by the wayside.

Clapton? I don't particularly care for the guy, but even Buddy Guy said that Clapton breathed new life into the blues and carried it further than anyone else had at the time. A person would have to have some pretty strong creds to argue with Buddy Guy.

I personally think that Slash went a long, long way towards carrying Gibson out of their mid-80s slump. Back then everyone was playing all super-Strat models and no one in mainstream was interested in the retro models like the Les Paul. Slash came out with that wall-of-Marshalls sound and played the hell out of his Gibson in a style that was a nice contrast to the glittery style that was so common back then.

Slamming Queensryche, I really don't get. Each musician has oddles of talent in his own right, but as a band, they were the perfect band to fill the power metal and progressive style that led to bands like Dream Theater. While songs about bangin' your girl on a saturday night were so common, Queensryche gambled and released a concept CD about a nun, a drug addict and a global conspiracy. I admire both their musicianship and their integrity.

I would simply encourage others to consider appreciating the abilities of other musicians even if they may not like the music enough to buy it.

#5174 by Casey of Black Santa
Fri Feb 23, 2007 7:22 pm
the reason Zakk Wylde and all those guys are so well known is because the guys at thier record labels are making a crap load of money off of them, so they were/are trying to keep them afloat so they can make more $. and most of those guy's fans justr don't get into other music than pure head-banging stuff.

i can apreciate an artist like Zakk for being able to play the way he does, but after 10-20 years of not doing much else, it gets boring to me.

and about the Ramones and Black Flag, if you'd study your music history you'd see how many people have been influenced by them. it's more than you'd expect. i mean, Duff McKagen from GNR played drums in a hardcore-punk band called the Fartz!

and about the power chords, have you even heard Black Flags later stuff?
Greg Ginn's favorite album was "Birds of Fire" by the Mahivishnu Orchestra! they were huge Dio, Black Sabbath, and Greatful Dead fans! all of that shows too, especially the free-jazz aspect of Ginn always listening to Ornete Coleman.

i wasn't trying to offend, i was trying to say that there is other great music there besides Clapton and Zakk Wylde and all that.

Listen to My War and In My Head by Black Flag and you'll see what i mean.

and by the way, the Ramones and Black Flag came around about 10 years before Guns n Roses. so yeah, Ramones and Flag, in a roundabout way, influenced all the people that GNR influenced.

look it up.

Ramone's self titled album - 1976

Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" EP - 1979

Guns n' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" - 1986

go to to check for yourself.

i'm not a know it all, i just study alot.

#5189 by Guitarzan6000
Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:44 am
Go to "wikipedia"???? WTF???? An authority on ANYTHING???? Everything on that site is f**k MADE UP!!!! Sorry Casey, but with the exception of Hendrix, nobody on your list can play a solo if their life depended on it, including Iommi (a great rythym player though....) Zack is pretty overrated too, just noise, no STYLE......EVH at least was original, but hasn't done anything new since 1984, and when I saw GNR, Slash dropped so many notes on the stage, I thought he would trip over them. OK you all think Clapton is overrated (and so do I) but at least he influenced a generation of guitar players.... the whole point of this discussion that bryteh started (and I love her 8) btw....) was just to share thoughts and not to BASH people's opinions, and I seem to bashing yours....sorry....

#5200 by Gredge
Sat Feb 24, 2007 3:42 pm
"The Greatest Guitarist of All Time"?? Lightning in a bottle, man. Great guitar is a process, not an event. Great guitar pickers step up in their own time. Les Paul, Robert Johnson, Alvin Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Theodocious the Ferocious, Sammy Hagar, Edward Wolfgang Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhodes, Dimebag Darrell, David Evans, John Petrucci. And so it goes.

We that sling a six-string over our backs will step to the edge of the stage as the musical moment calls for. We bring what we got, and we throw it in the fire. Ain't no such thing as "The Greatest". 8)

#5209 by Casey of Black Santa
Sat Feb 24, 2007 7:31 pm
just cuzz a guitarist can shred or play a s--t load of nots during a solo doesn't mean he/she is the "greatest" or "best".

my list has more to do with how influential a guitarist is, and i'll be damned if anyone thinks that the guitarists i've listed are not influential.

i bet no one here that has argued with me has even listened to any of those bands.

a lot of the time the only way to enter into a different level of creativity is to brach out of your norm and try somethinig different, especially something you don't like.

and wikipedia is actually correct on everything said about Black Flag and the other bands mentioned. i've read Get in the Van: on the Road with Black Flag by none other than Henry Rollins of Black Flag and Our Band Could Be Your Life by Michael Azzerad so i know what i'm talking about.

don't argue unless you know your stuff as well as what you're arguing against.

i appologize to those i've offended. i'm just upset that everyone here is so cliche'.

from Black Flag to Led Zep to John Lee Hooker to Weather Report to Rush to Ornete Coleman to Mahivshnu Orchestra to Traditional Japanese Drumming Ensamble to Merzbow to Earth to the music of every Super Mario game to...BRACH OUT!
#5211 by Vocals & Bass
Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:28 pm
I liked Skid Row in the 80s & 90s. Waisted Time, was one of my favorite songs. Bach's Vocals, wow! But I dont know much about the other members of the band. Could anyone give some info. about the guitarist? I like all Skid Row. They kick &$%.

#5219 by Guitarzan6000
Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:21 am
Casey, No offense Bro, but to me none of those guys are influential at all... Henry Rollins (in MY opinion) SUCKS and ALWAYS HAS!!!! What talent is there in screaming and uttering unintelligable lyrics, and shredding notes that go nowhere???? Might as well listen to RAP!!! And Yes, I have listened to those bands, got 2 teenagers myself...Someday when you get to be "MY" age, you'll appreciate "talent" ...Yep. Maybe I'm old and "out of touch" ....but rest assured, I've heard it all, played it all, drank it all , smoked and snorted it all... Not to mention F**ked them all...I've played in some bands that sucked and I've played in some bands that freakin' ROCKED!!! (and I am NOW!!!) And just because you read a book by someone telling "their" side of a story, damn sure doesn't make you an expert. And again, "wikipedia" is false at least 50% of the time... sorry man, but I think you are a bit closed minded and need to realize that there are a lot of us "old guys" that KNOW what TALENT is!!! And we were rockin' while you were suckin' titty.....

#5220 by Vocals & Bass
Sun Feb 25, 2007 12:34 am
Oh! I see.... I got on a post where people are disagreeing with each other. Excuse me, I'll go somewhere else from now on. {Just Kidding} I would like to know about Guitarist for, Skid Row.?? if anybody has any input on this subject, Thank You.

#5235 by liquid_embrace
Sun Feb 25, 2007 3:01 pm
The guitarists were Dave "The Snake" Sabo and Scotti Hill. I think.

#5241 by Casey of Black Santa
Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:54 pm
well, as far as being influential, all of those bands are. Slash once said that he learned how to play guitar by playing along to the Ramones. Red Hot Chili Peppers are heavily influnced by the Minutemen, especially Flea.
Sonic Youth has inspired countless bands to take guitar to another level and Dinosaur Jr is basically the Led Zeppelin of independant music. and Black Sabbath! c'mon! they were the first metal band! what would Zakk Wylde be doing if Sabbath had never came out with the first sabbath or "War Pigs"?

i just feel that it's more important to play music that touches someone than to be able to play a thousand notes a minute during a solo. but you're right. in the music world, you have to be an awome lead guiarist for anyone to care about you, which is lame to me. not the soloing part, the part about people not caring unless you can rip it like Satch or Vai.

and about Rollins. i met him at a show in Dallas when the Rollins band opened for X, a great punk band from the 70's with a heavy rockabilly feel. Henry Rollins is one of the nicest guys you ould ever meet in your life. not kidding. as intense and scary as the guy looks, he's very cool. i suggest you listen to his radio show. it's based out of L.A. but it's on the internet too. he is into awsome music! not just punk either. he plays Funkadelic, John Lee Hooker, Fela Kuti. one time he played a Van Halen bottleg from a show they did in Cali before their first album even came out! he KNOWS music. that's all he does. he dosen't have a day job. he isn't married or has kids. he just listens to and plays music.

and about the drugs and all that, that doesn't mean anything to me. i hate drugs. i've had friends nearly die of them and all that so don't try and make yourself sound like a saint because you're not into that anymore. this is about guitarists, not how close we can come to being "rock stars".

and i know what talent is. Clapton can bring emotion into a guitar solo, that's talent. EVH brought a new sound to the table in the 70's-80's, that's talent. the Beatles could write song really damn well, which takes talent. it's not hard to know what talent is. i just fell that everyone should sit down with some music that they realy don't like, go beyond themselves and become humble for a it, and liten to something they don't care much for.

every musician has talent cuzz it takes talent to be one.

and just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever heard of Captain Beyond?

#5255 by Guitarzan6000
Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:23 am
Casey, Sorry if I came off as a dick in my last post... just got a little offended by the "cliche" thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion...I just disagree with those bands being "influential" ...if anything it may be the other way around on some of those. Flea doesn't seem to be influenced by anyone...he has a style unique to himself, and THATS why I think he is "talented". Likewise Clapton, EVH, Vai, SRV, Hendrix. The Ramones were unique in their own way, I have several of their CD's and I hear influences of 50's style Rock in their music, so obviously thats where THEY were influenced. Once again I would say that there is more "luck" than anything to get "discovered"... I live somewhere between Nashville and Memphis, and can tell you without a doubt there is more talent here who are waiting on tables than in most of those bands you named. It's all a matter of getting "discovered" or given a "chance". Honestly I can't stand 99% of the new bands I hear because I hear NO talent. Lets see if they are still around 20 years from now.....

And BTW....I'm not saying Henry Rollins isn't a nice guy, I just think his music sucks. Maybe it's good he got a radio gig. Just because all he does is music still doesn't make him God.

As far as drugs go...I agree wholeheartedly... As stupid as I was when I was young, I controlled myself at least. Doesn't make me a damn "Rock Star" as you say. And I wasn't trying to glorify that kind of lifestyle, in fact it's STUPID. Some of my friends DID die from it... My favorite quote is from Ted Nugent: "They did drugs and now they're dead, I went huntin', and I'm still Ted"....

I guess the thing is this...If YOU like a guitarist or band and think they are great, then they ARE...As I tried to say in an earlier post, there isn't and CANT be ONE BEST!!!! Because tomorrow morning, you might strap on your guitar, and hit the holy-grail of a note and be the next great one. And I hope SO!!!!!

The main thing is to be "unique"... sure it's natural to be influenced by other players, but the only way to be a great guitarist, is to be your OWN guitarist...It took me 30 years to figure that one out....thats what I meant about us "old guys". And BTW I have a "blog" if ya wanna check it out: [] Feel free to comment....

So I apologize again....keep practicing and ROCK ON!!!!

#5261 by Casey of Black Santa
Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:43 pm
rigth on man. and yeah, most new bands don't seem to have much talent, but all of the bands i listed are more than 20 years old, so they came from a time when everyone learned how to play howerver they wanted because there was no "traditional" way to go about it. you just did what you did, played what you played, and hoped that someone got, if you cared whether someone got it or not i guess.

plus most of those bands were on their own record labels, doing their own recordings, putting out their albums themselves, and booking their tours. to do that now isn't so hard with all the technology and internet and all that. but in the 70's and 80's that was really hard to do i'm sure. that's what anstonishes me, that, say, Black Flag had their own label, SST, and put out their own albums and all that and are still beng listened to and talked about.

well, it's good that the arguing is over. i'm glad the we can share our points now without being offensive.


and, again, has anyone here heard CAPTAIN BEYOND?!

#5275 by bryteh20
Mon Feb 26, 2007 8:40 pm
Hi you guys i havent posted in forever....i missed alot of action i see. Its cool and i apologize for anyone i offended. Sorry ive never heard of captain beyond and yes the guitarists for skid row are David "snake" Sabo and scotti Hill. The bassist is Rachel Bolan (he's a dude), and the drummer is Rob Affuso. Dang great musiscians. I hate drugs as well.... I almost lost my boyfriend of a year and a half to them.

sounds like guitarzan has led a rather full life ( and i love you also BTW).
I freakin love the TED quote. That totally rocked.

And guitarzan..... Im only 16 and i appreciate talent... right?? lol.

I guess I could branch out a little more on my tastes in music...i guess i just tend to listen to the "great" guitar stuff whether its actually tasteful or not. And plenty of other guitarists have been recognized other than Vai and Satch. Take for instance "the edge" from u2. He has been noted in guitar world mag. probably just as much as Vai.

I love you guys as well....even you Casey even though u called my music cliche... he he. But ill let that go. Everyone as Guitarzan said is entitled to their own opinion. Thats what a forum is for right??

#5277 by Guitarzan6000
Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:30 pm
bryteh , I thought you were 18!!! Now I AM :shock: OLD!!! But I still love ya!!!! Glad you liked the "Ted" quote... I am a life member of his hunting organization, and as I said before, I've been fortunate to hunt with him on 2 occasions, and used to get backstage when he would come to Nashville (unfortunately he doesn't do those meetings anymore) He's very strongly anti-drugs which is what I like about him besides his guitar playing 8) (even if I did do some foolish things for a couple of years in my youth)

I just read last months issue of "Guitar Player" today (finally) (the one with a young Ritchie Blackmore on the cover) It was a very good issue if you get a chance to read it. It had a section about "101 forgotten greats & unsung heros"... you "youngsters" may wanna give a listen to some of these guitarists, hell, some of them were rockin' before even MY old ass was born. It really made me want to practice even more, unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day....but sometimes you need some motivation :wink: But also the thing I noticed the most reading this magazine, was "be original" and "be your own guitarist"....

The thing about these "new" bands, which my fellow bandmates and I were discussing recently, is that most of them sound like "noise" and they can't play a guitar solo if they tried... I'm not talking about "shredding"... just a well placed solo with some "feeling"...I guess the only "new" band I've heard do it the way I like it is "Wolfmother" ....OBVIOUSLY Led Zeppelin influenced. And there ain't NOTHING wrong with that!!!!

I very much agree with the concept of "independent" labels. The "major" labels are a JOKE!!! They are all "cookie-cutting" bands that all sound the same... OK, I'll stop here, thats one for my Blog site (which I am soon to be putting on "myspace" in the next few days)(I'll let you-all know .. IF your'e interested) :lol: Rock On!!!!

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