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#291666 by schmedidiah
Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:39 pm
AronCruce wrote:
schmedidiah wrote:You got any music to discuss, because the app you posted is a non-starter?

Sure what do you want to talk about?

You can click on the General Music Chat section below and peruse the topics to see if any of them apply to you or start a new one. We'd like to hear and talk about music you create and hear how things are going for you. Music is a tough racket these days, whether you're pro or amateur or anywhere between. This can be a good place to get your frustrations off your chest and and seek or offer advice.

Sorry about the asshole treatment before, but there are hundreds of members a year who show up, post one thing that doesn't have any mojo and they never return.
I hope you're the other kind.
#295168 by brucechamoff
Wed Dec 25, 2019 10:57 pm
Hey AronCruce, I am a year late as I just saw this. I love the idea. I read in your second post that you wrote Javascript to read local text files, but as one person mentioned, nobody would feel safe with a web app that reads local files. Don't forget that this was the main reason people disabled Javascript on their web browsers back in the early 2000's.

I do love the idea, but I think a better feature would be to allow people to upload the text files to your server and then your code can scroll the lyrics online. If you still want to do this with Javascript, consider using NodeJS which can run on the server, except you would need to convert your JS code to ES6. Or just do it with a language like PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.

Do you still have the site running?

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