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Speakers, amps.

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#279055 by Musome
Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:26 pm
Peavey DPC 750w amp.would suit band or other.only 1 1/2inches thick ..great only £399,99 ono.includes manual.this would also be a great backup lightweight amp in case your main system fails.....

Peavey unity 1000 mixing desk 8 channel..separate monitor controls plus manual...£120 ono..includes custom made rack box.perfect for band or other

2x350w 15inch peavey Hysys 2 black widow shown in photo other the cabs wire mesh front with covers.slightly worn covering .ideal for band ...the rougher the set up the better..shows only.
£199.99 ono

I might sell all the above as one lot for an agreed deal price.(Too large to post here so if interested see photos on gumtree.)or see my facebook page with photos here..

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