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#271322 by alanwaston
Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:39 am
I recently purchased the famous Stick Control book and I have a few questions concerning how I should properly practice it. I want to do this in the most efficient and effective way.

For starters, how many of the exercises should I practice per day? Today I did the first 8, 20 times each, at 90, 120, & 150 bpm. I'm also curious about the tempos I should be taking them. What's a good range? I think I want to continue doing 3 tempos, but I'm not sure what exact tempos to be doing.

When am I "finished" with an exercise? How often should I revisit them? Since I did the first 8 today, should I go on to 9+ tomorrow? Or continue working with the first 8?

Lastly, just to make sure, I should be using the same sticks I use to play on my kit correct? I'm using this book to build my stick control, speed, etc...on primarily the drum set and possibly mallet instruments.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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#275680 by thomas 111
Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:23 pm
I have an old (well used) copy of Stick Control that has been with me almost 30 years.

I truly believe this is one of the most useful practice books a drummer can have.
Every exercise is designed to help improve your hands & sticking technique.

Even at my age (59), I still use the book.
I'll get the book out, turn the metronome on and start working the practice pad.
Sometimes I'll play just 3 or 4 exercises continuously (many, many times) just to warm up until I'm confident I can play them the way I want to hear them.
Then I'll set the tempo a little quicker but always strive to maintain a balanced, even attack.
It can be challenging but I enjoy it and never get tired of it.

*** Remember: Playing Smooth & Steady is the Key ***

Your question regarding how to proceed in working through each practice exercise and what tempo to practice really depends on you.
I have found that there is no reason to rush anything because Speed is NOT the most important thing.
Focus on balanced, even playing first so that you can play each exercise smoothly.
Start slow and gradually build up from there.

As far a which sticks to use - this comes down to personal preference.
Some drummers choose to practice with their regular sticks. Others (like me) go with different sticks.
I have an old pair of drum corps sticks - they're larger sized and a little heavier.

Have fun working through the exercises.

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