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Drums and Accessories.

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#258321 by 777Woody21
Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:38 pm
Pearl "Masters Series" Birch/Maple All Natural Finish

This thunderous beauty is 8yrs old but has been stored off/on for 6.5 of those years. Only to be used for recording and (1) minor indoors gig. Originally purchased cylinders/cases from former Buck O Nine drummer in San Diego. All other equipment was purchased afterwards (brand new) from retailers.

24x18 Birch bass drum
10x12 Birch mounted tom
14x14 Birch floor tom
16x16 Birch floor tom
14x7 Maple natural wood snare
Pearl 13x6.5 Joey Jordison Signature Snare


All Zildjian
8" A Custom splash
14" A Custom hi hats
16" A Custom Fast Crash
16" China Trash (w/ minor crack and chip from rocking obviously)
18" A Custom special projection crash
22" A Custom ping ride


(2) Pearl heavy duty straight cymbal stands
(2) Pearl heavy duty boom stands
Pearl Tom stand with Pearl cymbal attachment
Tama Hi-Hat heavy duty stand (Not Pictured)
Gibraltar Ultra Hi-Hat (Adjustable)
Pearl Snare stand
SP Snare stand
Tama (twin) "Iron Cobra's" Dbl Ped & Travel Case
LP Rock Block & Bell
Danmar Beaters
SP PracPad
Tama Prac Kick Pad
Enduro touring drum & hardware case(s) [All equipment except Jordison Snare]

To hear this beast visit my BandMix page: 777woody21

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