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#244968 by gary1067697
Sat Jul 04, 2015 8:20 am
Changing the face of audio speakers forever…

This is a story worth sharing and I guarantee you too will be a bit blown away by what we witnessed. My associate and I were invited to what was titled, “A very special product release event”. We arrive to find another small group of marketing and promotion companies from Los Angeles and Orange County milling around the DSA offices in the Lake Forest area in Orange County, CA. This invite simply said we would view a demonstration of a new product that would change the face of audio speakers as we know them today. The owner Stephen Ventre also included in this invite the enticing statement, “One of the attendees at this event has the opportunity to walk away with a multi-million dollar marketing contract and it may be in our best interest to attend.” After completing our due diligence on the company and Mr. Stephen Ventre, we decided to attend.

When we arrived we were escorted to their conference room with seating for 12 or so people. The room was decorated with some exceptional pieces of art hanging on the walls and some individuals sitting in the tall back chairs. While waiting for our host I noticed the distant sound of music beginning to play in the background, it was soft melodic music and the choice was exceptional. It was the 3 Tenors singing the ballad "O Sole Mio". Slowly the sound level of the music increased and some of us commented that there were no visible audio speakers in the room. As the sound level increased more and more, the music was filling our ears and minds. We all began to look around and then stand up and search for the speakers thinking maybe the 3 Tenors were hiding under the table.

Much to our surprised, one of the people in the room said the music is coming out of the art. As we all smiled at his joke he again said in a louder voice, “I am not kidding listen to the paintings on the walls. The music is coming out of the paintings.” By now the sound levels were pretty powerful and we were grabbing the pictures off the walls and realizing the entire canvass was a giant speaker so it seemed, but when we turned the pictures around there was not speaker to be found. If this was a magic trick, it was damn good one.


Viewing the other people in conference room, I noticed all of us were holding a piece of art in our hands and most of us had a look of amazement on our faces. At that moment, the door opened and in walked a man with a smile on his face with a one inch by one inch iPod. He looked at all of us and said, “I am Steve Ventre. Thanks for coming down to see my demonstration. This entire moment was something right out of a Syfy movie and to top off the bizarre experience (sound coming out of the art in our hands) I could hear Steve’s voice talking in the background and it was surprisingly clear as though it was on top of the loud music...? Saying I was baffled is an understatement. I was speechless and was not sure if we were on some kind of candid camera show! Finally, with one small click of the iPod, all the music stopped and there we stood with artwork in hands and Steve laughing like someone had told him the joke of the year. We were all stunned and staring at this laughing man standing at the door, then Steve said, “Welcome to DSA, Dedicated Sound and Audio”. We are the new face of Music Art. We didn’t know if we should applaud or break out our checkbooks to buy this amazing little miracle. After a deep sigh and a laugh with Steve, we all sat back down in our chairs, the pictures still in our hands, and Steve began sharing a bit of his story and what was going on with the art and music combination as well as WHY his voice was heard so clearly over the sound of the loud music. In my mind, I was thinking revolutionary to say the least, incredible to be honest, and probably one of the biggest new idea winners I have seen in years.

place the musical pictures back on the walls, sat back down and listened to what Steve had to say. “We are an innovative technology company that has developed a line of audio panel/speakers for a variety of applications that challenge the long-standing conventional speakers currently available for professional and consumer applications.


This is our flagship product, Sound Art. It is the first truly concealed flat panel speaker system delivered through art. Today, we offer our product to individuals who send us a high resolution picture of their favorite pieces of art which we resize to meet the client’s requirements and print it on our canvas. There are multiple quality framing choices to finish a piece if desired. We then ship their artwork back with it now being a speaker. This is a very personalize direct-to-consumer product.

Our commercial product is done in a larger volume with our Sound Art placed in hotels, offices, schools, dormitories and more. It’s easily hard wired to control with Wi-Fi or for example, Stephen said, “Imagine you walk into your hotel room and choose your personalized music from your cell phone or iPod and you are able to light up the room with the incredible sound of YOUR music using your Bluetooth? The applications are limitless and we plan on doing everything we can to satisfy as many of them as possible”.

What I saw is that we have entered a new era of music and art, an era filled with opportunities to enhance what you see and what you hear, and DSA, Dedicated Sound & Audio, will be the leader in growing this technology. We will speak into your listen.

We moved out of the conference room and were taken on a tour of the warehouse to see R & D to distribution. At the end of the tour Steve told everyone he appreciated our time and said to feel free to share what we saw there with anyone we chose. He said he would get back to us within the next week to discuss next steps. While exiting, Steve tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I could stay for just an extra moment as he had a question for me. All I can share now is I answered yes and MERG Digital is the new Marketing firm for DSA and their worldwide music art development and distribution corporation. More shall be revealed!

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