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#213104 by Emma Kate
Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:27 pm
Hi there,

So finally ive done a few liitle recordings down at my local studio in Burton.
Its a start!

So now rather then jump into anything big...had lots of messages for bands etc but the thing is its choosing someone.

Its sounds abit pre concieved but Because of my job I dont want to meet my music contacts through it...

I want a fresh face who deals only in music and has a passion for it.
I would like to do some open mic nights in Derby area and would like someone mature, very easy to get along with.

Someone who can strum to a new song in the charts and we both make it something different.

A pianoist who can do something more slow from maybe a new chart song.

I can write, but stopped as I needed someone to play along with me, and I cant do that unless I find someone I can be myself around and not worry about how it sounds. Songs are personal after all :).

So it would be a relaxed thing, just doing open mics every now and again, then maybe some new songs.

Anyway, if this sounds like you get in touch.
Twitter Emma Kate Dawson If you add me let me know where you found me and drop me a line x

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