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#166379 by Chippy
Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:32 am
Sad loss.
He was one of the nice guys going around. He made a joke of being coronary. Be careful what you wish for, and many truths said in jest come to mind.

Areal pity.

#166392 by philbymon
Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:54 pm
Stephen Stills auditioned to be a Monkee. I doubt they'd have sounded remotely the same, had he been hired...

Yeah, Nesmith was the only real muso in the 4some when they started, though I seem to recall Peter Tork played around on the keys a bit.

The story I read told about Mickey Dolenz's audition. When he went in the room, the producers were stacking a buncha paper cups in a pyramid. He knocked 'em all down, shouting "Zap!" or somesuch, & got hired on the spot. I guess you had to have been there...

Loved thier music...even when Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart were actually playing it...or was that Cashman & West? God, it's tough getting old...I"m pretty sure t'was Boyce & Hart...

Nesmith won't even discuss the band anymore. Evidently, t'was a bad experience for him. He's done lotsa cool stuff, since, though. Check out his stuff on . He has done some really funny short lil vids over the years.

Anyhoo...ttfn, Davy. You are missed.

#166425 by PaperDog
Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:46 pm
fisherman bob wrote:The story of the Monkees is incredibly fascinating. From what I gather they weren't a real rock band at first until they started selling millions of records. Then they decided they better become a real rock band. I saw them (minus Nesmith) on TV a few years back, actually quite accomplished musicians. Davy Jones was a fine singer IMO, really captured the British pop sound, very entertaining personality. I guess when it's your time to go...The Monkees bring back a flood of happy childhood memories. I lived in the Boston Massachusetts area from 1966 to 1971, really the happiest five years of my life. When I think of Davy Jones I think of Needham Massachusetts back then. There'll never be another era like the 60's.

The Monkees were a product of Don Kirchner ( I think). There was a documentary a month ago that I saw... According to that... there was a lot of dissension between the band and the suits... Primarily because they weren't exactly allowed to write and use their own material (all done by studio/session musicians for Hollywood) . Nesmith was the true rebel in the band...But I think he also brought some negative energy, unduly so...
They had a fighyt with Kirshner about Contract /money and Kirshner dumped them (In favor of the cartoon band The Archies) , who kirchner said..never "talked back"

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