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#14785 by Lady Rocker
Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:13 pm
TY to both of you! :D -- Actually - most of the vocal is fairly dry -- that's pretty much how I sound -- He added very little reverb -- That's how I like it! :wink: -- I have a pretty low voice for a gal -- even my speaking voice is low -- I've had ppl tell me I have a sultry, husky voice :lol:

Anyway - much appreciated!! I know I've got some competition -- I've heard all the tunes in the top 10 -- Doesn't look like it's fairing too well for me today though -- Have to be in the #1 spot at midnight in order to make it into the Finals.....
I only stayed at #1 for a couple of hours yesturday -- then I dropped to 3, then to 5 - and hung out there for awhile -- now I'm haning at #7

Well, I'm still proud of myself -- I wasn't expecting to make it this far really -- with a tune that isn't completely done!! I've achieved a goal for myself in reaching the Top 10!! :D

It would just be soooo damn nice to win that money!! :wink: :lol:

I think that Melodramus (sp) is cheating somehow... or have LOTS of friends and such voting -- I personally don't think either of those tunes are better than some of the others in the top 10 -- In fact ---- if you listen closely -- both of their tunes are the exact same -- only the beginning of one is slightly different ....then it kicks into the same riffs and such :?
Anyway -- they've been hogging the 1 & 2 Spot all month -- they'll fall quite a bit -- then the next time you look both of their songs are at 1 & 2!!

Oh well - that's the other big difference for me -- I haven't really been tellin ppl about it -- none of my family has voted -- and so far chitownfan - you're the only one I know of that has voted on my behalf!
I posted a banner on my meez site -- I don't know if anyone has been voting from there or not -- but, it felt pretty good to rise into the top 10 with votes from ppl that know nothing about me!! :)

Thanks again for your support!!
With a little luck and a hand from God - I hope to be sitting at #1 at Midnight!!

Have a great day!! :P 8)

#14791 by chitownfan
Tue Oct 30, 2007 1:42 pm
Well, Other than me posting on this site and my friends but alot of my friends forgot about it the votes. I just pushed it when I thought we may have a chance. I know also we were better than some that made it. Weve been on other sites contest and yes we won a few but it seems like ones that are not the best keep winning. Im sure theres some cheating and alot of friends voting. I just look at it this way. I dont expect to win but our music is getting heard and so is yours.
Theres was a band sitting at 9 yesterday in the blues and I thought they were the best.Last month I didnt push any votes and we were #9 go figure.But theres some thats getting a whole lot of votes from out of the blue.Anyway we had a song 26th in metal last month also and I dont think it was metal I think its hard rock . See what you think Its called the power. I put it into hard rock for November.Also I dont think Oneway-up the song is country its more southern rock but there is no southern rock catagory.When I went to metal to vote I noticed a few songs that the singing was that dark low voice with alot of bass which is screaming to me.Well I dont like that , call me old school but thats not vocals to me just my opinion. Your music is good and your vocals are good too. Those are the bands I voted for. There was a band that opened up for us 1 time and it was that screaming low voice . Well they lost most of our crowd that night. I think the younger generation likes that and I guess Im getting old.
I guess its like when my parents couldnt stand Ac/Dc or Zepplin or Deep Purple when I was younger and I loved them.Anyway if you win great if you dont you made it to your goal,and your song is getting alot of air time.Good luck and thanks for your support.Oh by the way I could hear the meaning in your song that makes a differnce to me.

#14792 by Franny
Tue Oct 30, 2007 3:02 pm
I need some guidance on using the Ourstage site, it seems i have to vote on just 2 talents in a selected category. Well i just want to hear you guys, is there a way to get to just you?

#14795 by chitownfan
Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:35 pm
Yes You might need to sign up but if you go to music and hit the catagory such for us we are blues ,country, rock,and others and you may be able type in artist name or go through the music in that catagory and you will find us on the charts. For her shes in the top ten in metal and I dont know if shes anywhere else only she can answer that. Blues we are #14 country#21 and rock is #34 . We have more but those are our higher ones. If you have problems after that let me know.

#14871 by chitownfan
Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:51 pm
#3 great job. I see the ones you were talking about got 1 and 2 yea something fishy there. The same thing happens to another band on another site but they got band of the year on that site and I know theres better music than them on there.

#14876 by Lady Rocker
Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:04 pm
Hey thanks!! YUP - ended up in 3rd -- Which - I am proud of myself -- cuz I got all those votes from ppl I don't know -- as I said , none of my family or friends... (well, other than you) voted for me!!

I didn't think you could vote for yourself -- I did some voting one day and did myself more harm than good -- My song never popped up to me -- and I got tired of seein the same ones -- then after I went back and checked I had dropped alot -- :shock: - so... I quit voting after that - (in my channel that is)!

2 ppl "favorited" my song -- is there anyway to find out who added it to their favorites??.... I tried poking around and checking it out -- but, I couldn't find out anything! :?

Thanks for your support -- Guess we'll see what happens next month!


#15088 by chitownfan
Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:22 pm
Ok Its November and were at #7 and 20 in blues and we just went on setlist also for Running scared
How you doing Lady Rocker Im going to go send you some votes
I got a t shirt in the mail for last hey better than nothing.Good luck and hope to see you at the top.

#15089 by Lady Rocker
Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:31 pm
Howdy!! :D Right now I'm at #13!! Not too bad, just the other day I was at like 63 or something :x !!

How the heck did you get a T-shirt?? I didn't get a T-shirt?!

#15092 by chitownfan
Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:20 pm
Maybe it was for september for being #9 maybe they are a month behind. I dont know I was surprised too.Its still early
I want to see the #21 song do well because that I feel is true chicago Blues. Not that I would like running Scared get it either. Im happy running scared went on that radio station
Good luck

#15098 by Lady Rocker
Tue Nov 06, 2007 10:44 pm
Franny wrote:I need some guidance on using the Ourstage site, it seems i have to vote on just 2 talents in a selected category. Well i just want to hear you guys, is there a way to get to just you?

On the Top - Right hand side of the page is a search bar --
If you type in "Lady Rocker" - (or whomever your trying to find) - It will take you to all the stuff I have entered in the contest - you have a choice of clicking on the song - or whatever..... Hope that helps :D !

Hey chitownfan -- I'll go on and do some voting -- I'll see if I can help give ya a boost :wink: !!

Hmmmmnnnn - Maybe I'll get a T-shirt too!! I'll have to let ya know if I do or not :P

#15117 by chitownfan
Wed Nov 07, 2007 12:32 pm
I will do the same. I spent some time yesterday but it never got to your song. I will try again today.We also have songs in Rock ,Hard rock,Country,experimental,and blues. Thank you

Is there any body else on this board in the contest. Let us know

Also we are looking for a new drummer.

Good luck I hope you get more than the T-shirt

#15187 by Lady Rocker
Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:16 pm
HI!! I haven't had a chance to do any voting yet -- but, I did upload another song today and entered it in the ROCK channel!!

601 entries ---- HOLY CRAP!! I'm sure it will take awhile to climb that ladder! :lol:

I'm going to go online tonight and do some voting though -- I'll be sure to try to give ya a boost!! :wink:

I've been bouncing all over today in the METAL channel -- I was at 30 - Then up to 4 -- Now I'm back down to 14!!

I'm at like 595 in the ROCK channel -- Looooonnnnggg way from the top 10! :lol:

#15189 by chitownfan
Thu Nov 08, 2007 7:26 pm
Were doing pretty good in blues , We have 2 in rock but I just moved 1 over yesterday and it was sitting at the bottom for awhile but it started moving slowly.They have some new catagorys . I dont even know what some of them mean. Good luck . I will throw some your way. I sure would like to get one of those artist spot lights. Wouldnt you? I will go give you a listen on the new song.

#15190 by chitownfan
Thu Nov 08, 2007 8:06 pm
good song I like it. If it has a hard time there move it to hard rock maybe . They seem a little softer in rock but what do I know Ive been experimenting with our songs too. Trying to find the right spot for them. We have a 60's ballad ok
Where the hell do I put that. lol I put it in r&b than pop than pop noise , now its in country. who knows leave it there for a week maybe youll get number 1. great song though.

#15896 by Lady Rocker
Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:09 pm
Hey!! How's it goin chitownfan??
Sorry! I haven't been online in a little while here -- Not been feeling the greatest lately -- Well, actually been going on for a few months now, but the last few weeks have been awful!! :(

I just went and checked this morning though -- I was at #4 -- The rock song I put on there is currently at #74 which isn't too bad, considering there are over 700 entries!!!

I got this in my email a couple days ago -- I'm pretty excited about it --


I think it's pretty kewl to be featured in the magazine!! :D It's the Nov/Dec issue and "Black Dahlia Murder" is on the cover!!

I'm hoping to make it into the quarterfinals!! Only a few hours to go!! So far so good!!

Hope you are doing as well!! I haven't had a chance to vote yet -- so long as all goes well - I will definitely be online sometime tonight to cast some votes!! Either before 8pm or after 11pm -- I'll be sure to send ya some votes!!

Thanks for anyone who has been continuing to vote!
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hugs n Kisses!!

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