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#12408 by Krisztian Sipos
Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:00 am
Pacific LX Maple Drum kit 6 Piece ((22" kick, 16" Floor tom, 14" hanging tom, 12" rack tom, 10" rack tom) and snare drum14” made by DW with hardware in special cranberry fade color.Hardware :2 boom 1 strait cymbal stands with 2arms. Cymbals r: 2 Sabian crash 16-18”; Hihat 13” Z k; Ride 20” Istambul Mehmet seria.1 pdp bass pedal
Plus: full set of origin PDP heads, moongeal on the Remo Enteror heads to take the vib off, 8pc silenter pads.
All in mint condition as a “bedroom drum kit”. Never been used on gig etc….AMAZING DEAL!!!!
CASH SALE £ 1300First to see will buy Pick up only. Lewisham, Catford LOndon
Have to move so must sell it…

If interested will post some pics. Cheers!

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