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#119209 by D
Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:06 pm
Listen to Devin Townsend. He will not bore you, guaranteed.

Just listen to this. If you like it...listen to the whole song

Listen to this whole song. It gets super intense at the end. ... re=related ... re=related

This is only a tiny tiny portion of this guys work...but if you want a musical genius that continually puts out brilliant work of lunacy this is your guy.

He's massive, tiny, aggressive, weak, all over the goddamn place in terms of emotion and presentation...and it's all gold. I don't know what kind of super musical horse shoe he's got up his butt, but I've never really encountered an artist with this breadth and pure connection with music.

And most of all... he's totally humble and ridiculous. He's Jim Henson and Frank Zappa smashed together in between a sandwich of Pink Floyd, Enya, Fear Factory, Steve Vai, and just about any singer you'd ever want... the range in his vocals is f**k stupid. I'm almost offended by how great he is.

I'm sorry for sucking his dick here... but seriously if you haven't got into this music, you need to do your soul a favor and give it a buffet of "OH MY f**k GOD" ;)

Check out these bands/albums(his projects): Ocean Machine, Infinity, Terria, Synchestra, Accelerated Evolution, Physicist, Ziltoid, Ki, Addicted, and coming soon Deconstruct and Ghost(March 2011)...

And his super fast and heavy band Strapping Young Lad.

And just to show you he's not a horrible guitarist, check this out:

And also this... this is the major point of this thread, he knows that just wanking and is ultra lame for no reason: ... re=related ... re=related

Do yourself a fav and watch all this stuff. It hopefully won't bore ya :)

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