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Mics, pre-amps, boards, etc.

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#105433 by PCola_Bill
Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:14 pm
First post here, but there's a few on here who will vouch for my validity....

if I pay them off in time :D

Anyway, I am selling my home recording studio along with a good bit of backline. This will make a great home studio or can be used in a "small room" studio in a more professional enviroment.


Current eBay listing: ... 0577156077

Please visit for terms of sale, audio samples, photos, and detailed descriptions

Price is $7500 - firm.

I know some will recoil at that price. Before I priced this, I went through ebay, craigslist, soundbroker, etc and made a spreadsheet with an average sale price of each piece (not just logging in the highest price). The total was at $10,000 without completing the cables. Start adding up snake cable, Switchcraft plugs, Amphenol lugs, and Neutrik connectors and it starts incrementing quickly. This bulk price is about 35% LESS than what I would get if I take the time to sell each piece individually. Honestly, I just don't want to take the time lol!

The link above gives alot of information about each piece of gear. Photos of front, back, and other angles if needed. Any "you need to know this" bits of info and such.

(PM = Printed Manual and IP = manual printed from internet file)


• Soundtracs Topaz 24/48 Inline Monitoring Console (PM)
• 32 Channel Meter Bridge w/ Power Supply (w/ 2 vintage VU meters)
• Roland Si-24 (PM)
• Sountracs Solo Live! (24 Channel, 4 buss) (PM)

Recording Interfaces:

• Computer: AMD 4200+ Dual Core CPU, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 150GB Program SATA Drive, 500GB Project SATA Drive, ATI X1600 Video Card, Mid-Tower ARX Case, USB Keyboard, PS2 Mouse, Two 20" Acer X203H LCD Monitors. (Loaded with Freeware/Shareware Audio Applications)
• M-Audio Delta 1010 (PM)
• M-Audio Delta 44 (IP)
• TEAC AD-3 CD/Cassette Deck (PM)
• 1976 Dokorder 1140 4 Track Reel-To-Reel (IP Brochure)

Outboard Gear:

• dbx 266XL Stereo Compressor (PM)
• dbx 266XL Stereo Compressor (IP)
• dbx 266A Project 1 Stereo Compressor (IP)
• dbx 1046 Four Channel Compressor (PM)
• Aphex Model 105 Four Channel Logic Assisted Noise Gate
• Audio Logic Four Channel Noise Gate
• Ensoniq DP/4 4 in - 4 out Digital Effect Unit (PM)
• 96 Point ADC (MIL-SPEC) Patchbay
• Omnifex DD1024 Delay
• ART HD-31 1/3 Octave EQ (IP)
• ART HD-31 1/3 Octave EQ (IP)
• Yamaha Q2031 Stereo 1/3 Octave EQ (IP)
• Gemini PL-9 Power Conditioner
• Symetrix 450 Line Mixer (IP)
• Horizon SL-4 Four Channel Direct box
• Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor (IP)
• Rane RE27 1/3 Octave EQ

Power Amplifiers & Headphone Amplifers:

• Crown D150A Stereo Power Amplifier (IP)
• AB International Precedent 600LX Stereo Power Amplifier (IP)
• Samson S-Amp 4 channel Headphone Amplifier (IP)
• Yamaha NS-10M (pair)

Instruments and Other Backline:

• Charvel Model 4 Guitar w/ gig bag
• Enoniq SQ1 Plus (PM) w/ Stand
• VintageMusic Man 112RD Fifty
• Ampeg VH-140C Amplifier Head (IP)
• Roland GK-3 Guitar MIDI Pick-up and 11-pin 16' MIDI Cable (IP)
• Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer (PM)
• Crate BX-100 1x15 Bass Amp (IP)
• Boss DR-660 Drum Machine (PM)
• Shure Single Diversity Guitar Wireless System (IP)
• 3 Guitar Stands
• 7 Piece Black Drum Set -
------ 10, 12, 16 Toms
------ 14 & 15 Concert Series Toms
------ 22" Kick Drum
------ 14x6 metal Snare
------ Tama Ride Stand
------ Tama Hi-Hat Stand
------ Ludwig Snare Stand
------ Pearl Cymbal Stand
------ Tama Dual Tom Mount
------ Original Issue Paiste 22" RUDE Ride
------ Original Issue Paiste RUDE 14" Hats
------ Early Model Pearl Double Pedal


• Superlux Drum Mic Set (FK-2 kick, three FT-4 tom, FS-6 snare, two HO-8 overhead, and one HI-10 hat)
• MXL 990 Condensor (IP)
• Microphone Case
• 5 LP Claws
• 12 Asst'd Mic Clips
• 4 Superlux Mic Clips
• 1 Audix D4 (IP)
• 1 Shure SM-57 (IP)
• 2 Shure Prologue (IP)
• 1 Superlux FT-4
• 5 Audio Technica Unidirectionals
• 2 TEV TM-621 (new)
• 3 misc Samson mics
• 2 misc Behringer mics

Mic Stands

1. 5 tripod boom
2. 2 round-base boom
3. 2 short stand boom
4. 1 P-Filter on gooseneck mount)


XLR Cables:

• 6 Short XLR cables
• 12 Medium Length XLR Cables
• 7 Long (50') XLR Cables
• 6 Channel 15' snake
• 8 Channel 25' snake

Insert and Patch Cables:

• 6 Long Insert cables
• 12 Short Insert cables
• 9 1/4" Stereo (TRS) patch cables
• 19 1/4" Mono patch cables

Adapters, MIDI,and RCA Cables:

• Five 25’ Stereo Headphone Extension cables
• 7 RCA to 1/4" Mono Plug adapters
• 2 RCA to 1/4" Stereo Plug (TRS) adapters
• 2 XLR to 1/4" Stereo (TRS) adapter cables
• 1 RCA stereo to 3.5mm stereo plug cable
• 2 RCA stereo to 1/4" Mono adapters
• 1 Stereo RCA Coupler
• 2 1/4" Mono Female to 1/4" Mono Plug adapater cables
• 2 1/4" Mono Couplers
• 1 4 Channel RCA cable
• 1 RCA Sterep Female to RCA Stereo Male cable
• 2 RCA Stereo cables
• 2 5' MIDI cables
• 4’ 8 outlet power strip w/ switch and breaker
• 10 outlet power strip w/ switch and breaker
• 6 outlet power stip w/ switch, breaker, and ground fault tester
• Nine 2’ x 4’ panels of RPG ProFoam

#105440 by Starfish Scott
Tue Mar 30, 2010 7:42 pm
Even the foam off the walls, huh?


#111195 by 90 dB
Tue May 11, 2010 11:30 am
You might want to revise some of your prices if you want to sell this stuff. I know that you did an exhaustive study of their used pricing, but $500 for the NS-10's is a bit steep, even if they were mint. I know that they were the "industry standard" for years, but they aren't 4412's, right? I can get a mint pair of 4412's for $500. I would have been interested in the Delta 1010, but for $200? I can buy it new for that.

You also have to realize that a lot of the stuff like outboard compressors, etc., is handled in software now, so their value is reduced.

Good luck.

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