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#2951 by RhythmMan
Thu Sep 28, 2006 1:57 pm
What do I call this guitar chord?

I wrote a song last night, and when I went to put it on paper . . . well, I guess I need more music theory . . .
What is this chord called? Play all 6 strings.

..9 10 11
E - - -
B - - -
G - - O
D O - -
A - - O
E - - -

Posting changed the graphics a bit - play the 'D' string on the 9th fret, 'G' on the 11th, and 'A' on the 11th . . .
I was coming up with things like E2, E9, E6/9, Eadd9, Emaj9, Emaj11 . . .

#2952 by Guest
Thu Sep 28, 2006 3:38 pm
Hard to name without the context.
But its appears to be some kind of A chord with no 3rd.
Its like this, right? Big string on bottom:
a#(b9)-11th fret
f#(6)-11th fret
e(5)-9th fret
An A6b9 maybe?

If E is the root, its even stranger

If the A#/Bb or F#/Gb is considered the root, well, that makes my head hurt.
#2955 by Hink
Thu Sep 28, 2006 5:54 pm
Samick1-FunkJazBlues wrote:What do I call this guitar chord?

I wrote a song last night, and when I went to put it on paper . . . well, I guess I need more music theory . . .
What is this chord called? Play all 6 strings.

..9 10 11
E - - -
B - - -
G - - O
D O - -
A - - O
E - - -

Posting changed the graphics a bit - play the 'D' string on the 9th fret, 'G' on the 11th, and 'A' on the 11th . . .
I was coming up with things like E2, E9, E6/9, Eadd9, Emaj9, Emaj11 . . .


#2956 by RhythmMan
Thu Sep 28, 2006 5:59 pm
Gee, I don't feel so bad now! :)

You know, I was just farting around, & I found a simple E chord that sounds almost identical. Couldn't really believe it, at first. :)
Play an E, and just put your little finger on the E string, 2nd fret.
(This is where I slap my forehead) :)
I've used this chord several times before (probably a lot of us have), but what is it?
I use it in jazz songs, as a connecting chord, or sometimes to resolve a musical phrase.
Sounds kind of like a 6th or a 9th, but it certainly hasn't been interchangable in any of my songs . . .

#2964 by Guest
Thu Sep 28, 2006 9:58 pm
Sorry, I totally miscombobulated your scrambled tab.
Eadd9 would have the notes e,g#,b,f#. 1,3,5,9
If those are the notes your playing Eadd9 would be correct.

#2975 by RhythmMan
Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:55 pm
Yeah, that's it guys.
Thanks. :)
Strings 1-6:
E - (open)
B - (open)
A flat
E - (open)
I usually Play E9 on the 6th fret, in either 1 of the 2 standard ways, or sometimes with the E and B strings open (fret low E string on 7th fret) (sounds cool in some songs)

That same fingering (with E & B played open) also sounds good on the 5th fret, as a D9 . . .
The othe E9 I use has a different 'flavor)
Strings # 1 - 6:
- open
- open
12 (1 octave)
12 (1 octave)
I also sometimes like to use this open fingering on the 7th fret as a B9, anf the 5th fret as an A9 . . .

#2984 by Guest
Sat Sep 30, 2006 3:47 pm
Hi Alan: Your cord is F# sus 2 (#5) How you been? Jonny

#2988 by RhythmMan
Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:19 pm
Hi, Johnny - long time . . .
Hey, now thst's a neat chord name, huh? Thanks.
I'd probably use a different name, if I was playing with someone & wanted to show them . . . I'd probably call it:
"Look - see? It's this one here, hold it like this!" :)
It may be longer to say, but it sure is easier to remember. :)
But seriously, I like the sound of that chord next to an F# . . .
It can almost sound pedantic, but I worked an upbeat afterbeat-type rhythm into it, and it changed from pedantic to carefree - hard to decribe.
Go from this chord (the F# sus 2 (#5)) to a F#sus4 to a F7#, but do it super-quickly. There's a lot of distance between these chords; it's a tad more work to do it smoothly . . .

Play around with some different rhythms, and you'll see how it goes from solumn to carefree . . .
These were 2 chords in a new song, about a week old, & still in progress.
I appreciate all the insights from all you guys. I couldn't find the chord listed anywhere . . .
Johnny - I've been good. I've been playing every monday, but I'm getting burned out with playing the blues. One of the guys I've been jamming with can't really play anything but the blues.
But I like a lot of different styles . . .
Anyway -
I'm not sure what type of music this chord we've been discussing is akin to . . .

#2994 by Guest
Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:07 am
Hi Alan: glad you have been well...know what you mean about just the blues....variety is the they say....I would have stopped playing years ago if I had been cornered into one type....or crazy....and i do know the cord you mean...this one here see... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: keep working on it....I happen to like that cord....I picked the first few strings and then finished the cord with a strum it a sort of nice open string ring...drop it a whole step and repeat... then try EMajor 7 to AMajor 7...nuk nuk...very nice. Have fun and take care.

#3001 by RhythmMan
Sun Oct 01, 2006 4:59 pm
Yeah, I've also been working on that same chord for years; the "This One Here" chord. :)
Hmmm . . . what do you think? Let's give it an 'official' name for all time, eh? The "TOH chord!" :) (Rhymes with Toe)
Maybe we'll go down in the rock hall of fame for naming a new chord.
I think I'll start using that chord name on other musicians, just to see the blank stares I'll get back. :)
Or, if someone shows me a chord I don't know the name of, I can wisely say, "Oh yeah, I know that - it's a TOE chord. Been playing many variations of it for over 30 years! :)
Back to the chord in the discussion;
That sound, (with the EMaj7 to A Maj7) is a lot 'lighter' than what I did.
Try following with a B9 to a F9#(9th fret), then followed by a B7(open) to a F9(2nd fret) . . . .
Yeah - I know, I'm burned out with the blues, but the rest of the song is entirely un-blues like . . . .

#3009 by Guest
Mon Oct 02, 2006 2:49 am
Hi Alan: tried your cords...very nice feel....we could write songs this way you back to that know the one....would that Toed cord have a variant called the Open Toed?.....I toed you we could write songs this way :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

#3010 by RhythmMan
Mon Oct 02, 2006 3:20 am
Oops - I meant to spell it TOH (This One Here)
I guess I TOHed you the wrong thing . . . :)
Ever play with a pigeon-tohed guitarist? :)
I better stop, before they toss me off this site . . . after tarring and feathering me . . .
OK, my friend. Here's some more of the song.
Take that first chord (9th fret, F# sus 2 (#5)). Preserve the fingering, and slide to the 7th fret. Play all 6 strings.
Play a standard B chord on the 7th fret, but play the first 2 strings open (E string and B string). Fret string 6 (the E string next to the A string) just like normal.
Play a standard A chord on the 5th fret, but play the E and B strings open.
Back to the same B chord w/open E & B strings, & repeat all 3 chords.
I'm going to keep the next 3 parts of the song off the internet, for now.
My next 10 songs are almost ready for copyright - this'll be in with that batch. That'll make 31 copyrighted songs. And about 10 - 15 more in the works . . . ..
But, anyway -
You can see how I like to take a "crummy-sounding" chord, and with a little cognition and patience (& prestidigitation and experimenting with TOH chords) - I assemble a song. :)
Man - I love doing this stuff . . .
I've been using a tape-recorder as a sounding-board. I have 10-1/2 hours of this kind of stuff recorded which I haven't even heard, yet. I'm recording about an hour of new ideas every 3-5 weeks . . .

#3276 by Nokt
Tue Oct 24, 2006 7:56 am
it will figure out your chords for you

all of these are correct
Esus2addb11add12 E Suspended 2nd Add Flat 11th Add 12th
E5addb11add9 E 5th Add Flat 11th Add 9th
Esus2addb11 E Suspended 2nd Add Flat 11th
Eadd12add9 E Major Add 12th Add 9th
Eadd12add2 E Major Add 12th Add 2nd
Eadd9 E Major Add 9th
Eadd2 E Major Add 2nd
G#m7b13/E G#/E Minor 7th Flat 13th
G#m7#5/E G#/E Minor 7th Sharp 5th
B6sus4/E B/E 6th Suspended 4th
F#9sus4/E F#/E 9th Suspended 4th
F#11sus2/E F#/E 11th Suspended 2nd
F#7sus2sus4/E F#/E 7th Suspended 2nd Suspended 4th

#3278 by RhythmMan
Tue Oct 24, 2006 1:19 pm
Hey, Thank you.
That site will help make my life easier.
Here's another one you might be interested in:
. ... ex_db.html
p.s. That song I'd written about has changed a lot, but this is still the predominant chord in it.

#3384 by awaken205
Tue Oct 31, 2006 5:54 am
Hi... does anyone know a website that has a feature that you can click the strings your playing like EADGBE and you'd click o22oo2 if that's the chord you wanted to know and it would tell you the name? I use weird variations and I have no clue what they are... like the one above I use for a song I wrote and can't find it anywhere.

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