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#45594 by Ken Allhands
Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:21 pm
Hey All...noob to this forum,

I've been looking at various potential upgrades in my double pedal setup. Options are many, but just about every double I've tried below a $400 street price has a significant performance/feel difference between the left and right pedal. In order to confirm this, I temporarily shft left and play the slave with my right foot to gauge any difference...don't want to mask issues under a difference in limb conditioning.

I'm willing to drop the coin for a seriously consistent pedal...if they're really out there. Once I get into the mid-$500 street price range, though, I'm seeing another option that I'm not that familiar with. Twin pedals.

The three examples I've seen of this are the Sleishman Twin, the Off-Set double and some custom variants of the top-line Sonor pedal system. I'm not positive, but I think a similar configuration is possible with the high-end Taye system.

These all look interesting, but local shops won't stock them, and will only order with a non-refundable deposit. I'm unwilling to put down money until I've tried the unit, or until enough trustworthy feedback is in hand to allow me to know what to expect.

So...question to the community...has anyone here spent any time working with these "true twin" systems? Particularly, can anyone here provide insight/input on the Sleishman model.

If not, can anyone here vouch for a "traditional" double pedal system that really has master- to slave- feel and performance where the difference is non-existent/negligible?

Thanks in advance.
#45601 by AbbyNormL
Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:30 pm
[quote="GrooveJunkie"]Hey All...noob to this forum,

dont know bout all this, they all do it 4 me money u have talent? :?:
#45603 by AbbyNormL
Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:34 pm
AbbyNormL wrote:
GrooveJunkie wrote:Hey All...noob to this forum,

dont know bout all this, they all do it 4 me money u have talent? :?:
i know many bands, but who has the talent? i cant seem to talk to 1 person here :shock:

#45636 by Harley Walker
Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:02 pm
Played double pedal off and on through the years when hangin' with the "Rock Crew". Also owned a music store in NH. My take on the double bass pedal..? You're correct with the feel from left to right. But that is what you will get with most of that engineering. The beater is at the drum and the pedal at the hi-hat,, so it only makes sense...
When I did use double bass, I liked 2 bass drums. Both pedals are smooth, depending on the pedal you use. Haven't used double bass in YEARS! Play mainly Blues and R&B, so double bass is pointless...
That's my 2 cents worth! Peace

#45680 by Ken Allhands
Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:29 am
Yeah...figured all I'd hear are the crickets in the field, or responses like, "why bother."

Hey Harley, glad to hear you're in a gig where you don't have the bother. We verge on some heavy rock that requires consistent double patterns from time to time (I'd say one out of every six songs). The mass/inertia difference is a problem, but less of a problem than lugging, tuning and micing an extra bass drum for only 17 percent of the set list. I also teach left- and right-handed students, and focus on limb independence/balance, which is why a totally balanced feel without two basses is still a focus for me.

AbbyNorml...are you saying you can't find talented drummers out in Washington?

#59670 by Braggindragon14yahoocom
Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:49 pm
At the risk of this being redundent info to you I hope I can help you. I started playing around 1968-1969 on a 5 pc kit and around 1979 bought the Ludwig power factory outfit to which I added an additional base and 6 and 8 inch tom. I started with twin pedals and for the reason of making it easier on me as well as the sound man I started using a Tama double pedal which I hooked up to both bass drums. Visually my kit was still impressive but I only had to tune one bass as well as mike one. In the beginning I encountered the same unbalanced feel, so I experimented with the adjusments on each pedal to fine tune the responce and punch of the beater. You can adjust the chains (mine were chain driven) to different lenghts and the springs to different settings and tensions.I even went so far as to swap out the springs with other speed king springs and non music store bought springs from different hardware stores ( Ah if Home Depot was only around in the early eighties). I was finally able to achieve a very ,very negligible if not perfect result and have been using them since the mid eighties. If your into it, going through what I went through will be worth it. Just make sure that when you find the right balance, you buy extra of whatever it was that solved your problem. Good luck Bro. Oh and I think we both know what AbbyNormL is beating.

#162225 by Deagledrumzz
Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:57 pm
I'm new to this forum and I see this post is very dated,but if you still need this info I can certainly help you. I have several high end double pedals,and i've tried many others that I did'nt buy.You're right when you say the slave pedal reacts and feels different from the master pedal.However you're also correct about the Slieschman pedal (which I own) in that since it's a center loaded pedal the left and the right pedal react exactly the same.The only problem,if you can call it that, is your bass drum is now put in a different postion.Not a bad thing but it takes a bit of getting used to it.And your toms are now also offset from the usual positions they're in.This pedal is a very fine well enginered pedal,i like to call them the Lamborghinis of the pedal world,they're extremely smooth and work fabulous.My favorite pedal however is the Axis pedal,although not center loaded the Axis is lighting fast,Ferrari fast to put a name to it.These pedals (i prefer the X pedals to the A pedals) once you understand how to work them are a joy to play.They really translate what your feet are telling them to play,by the way Axis can and will make you a center loading pedal.The next pedals I have are the DW 9000's the titanium model,these are very hard to get because they only made 500 of these.Although not as fast as the Axis or the Slieschmans, these pedals are very well balanced and are a joy to use,they're extremely usable,easy to become your main playing pedals. I also have several sets of the DW 5000 single chain and double chain AD.Both are very good and reliable,the double chain is however the better bet.I've tried the Pearl Demons and the Trick pedals,nice pedals but for some reason I did'nt feel they were for me,however both pedals are in fact also very fast and well enginered.MRP percussion also makes a super pedal called the lightning which also comes in a double,fabulous pedals but extremely hard to actually buy.I hope this sheds some light as to which pedals might be best for you,a doulbe pedal is surely the way to go as opposed to a double bass drum.

#169669 by Drumsinhisheart
Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:18 pm
As long as this thread has been rekindled.

I recently switched from double pedal back to two bass drums and two pedals. I've played a number of dble pedals. After 20 years of using them I noticed things, pains, developing in my back, hips, knees, even my ankles to a degree. It was the unnatural position of the body using the double pedals in a typical set up. I ended up getting the OFF SET double pedal.

Like the Sleishman (which costs a lot more and the Sonor which is more expensive still) the OS places your feet in a totally natural position, body centered, and all discomforts went away. The unit, itself, is built like a tank and after using DW, Tama, Yamaha and other double pedals, became my favorite in playability. Just a very smooth, solid feel for an expansion spring system.

I never had any set up problems with placing the bass drum in front of me. All toms and snare set up as usual.

In searching for new single pedals, after doing a two week test of eight pedals, Trick, Tama, BOA, D.Drive, Yamaha, Speed King, and the OS, I chose the Drumnetics Magnetic pedal. What a marvel that thing is. I am waiting for the double pedal, which is not an off set design, but for use with my edrum set up I can move the kick trigger further right and be fine, physically speaking. Magnets versus springs. Could never enjoyably go back to spring systems after playing this thing. All pedals are good nowadays. The Drumnetics just allows me to do what I want to with less effort.

The conclusion of the test is here, if anyone is interested:

#172284 by Dave Huffman
Sun May 06, 2012 3:02 pm
If I am playing where I need to play double bass a lot, I use two bass drums. It just feels better to me that way. I just don't care for the feel of the double pedals I have tried.
Dave Huffman :D
#179180 by JeremyKitch
Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:22 am
I feel that if you use just the double pedal.... im relying on toooo many moving parts to stay together while I stomp on them... I love my 8pc Pearl Forum kit
The only problem I have is keeping the bass drums at the same pitch. I use the right more than the left and it seems to change on me all the time

#179185 by Drumsinhisheart
Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:40 am
That can actually be a good thing. At bass frequencies a difference in pitch can add some interesting sound and playing possibilities that would sound nauseating at higher frequencies.

Also, if you play without any ear protection, your right ear could begin to hear less of an actual frequency/pitch. Your bass drums could be the same but you'll hear things differently.

Try standing in front of the kit and have someone play the kicks and see what they sound like from that angle. You might find it reversed.

Or, like you figure, you are playing hard enough to stretch your right batter head enough to cause a pitch difference you don't like. You might have to switch heads every now and then.
#183654 by airsmunch1
Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:09 pm
Sorry this comes 4 years later but I have been playing the Trick twin for 3 years now and I detect no degradation in the slave's performance compared to the primary.

Sure new you could spend a grand but I bought 2 pedals on ebay, sent one back to Trick, and they modified it to be a slave and gave me the connecting arm for $100.00 All in about $600 and it is perfect.

Just a thought.

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