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#15927 by The KIDD
Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:36 am
Hey Girl,

First off, welcome to the board...Have ya ever been over to the "House of David"? Ive met several area bands there...Most were my freinds on myspace when I had my site...I grew up in Huntington but havent played there much in the last 10yrs....Most of whats happenin over this way is the acoustic thang...Restuarants, Coffe Houses, and Book Stores are employing duets and trios doing mostly a variety of genres....You could put ya an ad up over at the Piper here in Chas. and over at Pauls store Rt 60 Music...I know a couple of gospel studio engineers, Ill see what I can find out...Theres a jazz ensemble that plays on WED's here at the Bistro in South Hills...Ya might try the WV. board if ya havent already...
Hope your giggin soon,

John in Charleston

#15934 by RhythmMan
Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:40 pm
If you're a singer looking for musicians; then go to where the musicians are.
Put up up a flyer in a music store.
And go to some open mikes. NOT karaokes - you're just one in a dozen . . .
Go to open mikes, and if you hear a musician you like, go up to them and TELL them you like their playing.
Don't just tell them "You're really good;" (some musicians hear that same phrase a lot). You have to tell them WHY you like their playing . . . then you'll stand out.
Then mention that you sing, and would like to work with musicians.
Print up some slips of paper with your name/number and musical preferences, and use them as 'business cards.'
Something ventured - something gained.

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