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#13681 by N.D.B 2007
Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:02 pm
Whats up people I'm the drummer TOMMY... I have a bass player and guitar player ...And if you play guitar thats a plus.. WE have a studio , me and the guitarist can go down during the week with you to go over songs ...And then fri , sat ,sun we can have the bass player there ...cause he drives all week OTR.. This is some of the stuff we do .... DISTURBED stricken,,, GODSMACK speak,, stright out of line ...i stand alone.. DREAM THEATER as i am.. BREAKING BENJAMIN home ..breath ... THREE DAYS GRACE pain... PORCUPINE TREE shalow..blackest eyes.. fear of a blank planet.... And more band ...little sabbath . kiss ...YOU CAN INSTANT MESSAGE ME @ STIX2B @AOL... MY HOME # 201- 858 -4711 .. EMAIL STIX2B@VERIZON.NET THANKS TOMMY 8)

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