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#294164 by TheBeardyPirate
Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:21 pm
Hi guys. I am looking to take on a new project i've been thinking about for a while.
I am a strong drummer/songwriter with decent experience in production and cubase pro.
I want to start a band to enter the synth/retrowave area.

I would love to meet multi talented people to discuss this project and if there is enough interest, get it off the ground.

I also have experience in online marketing and i am a web developer which will help promote the project.

It would preferable if the person has recording capabilities, but not fully necessary. I would be more happy to meet someone who is skilled, likes experimentation and loves the genre of music and can see a vision of having a band to recreate the atmosphere, and could see it as future 'big stadium' music.

(DJs, keys, producers etc welcome, open to doing the initial writing and discussions over the internet if the interest is there)

Some music that inspires me in the genre (keep in mind I will be interested in having a vocalist to front the project)

Kavinsky - nightcall
The midnight - days of thunder
Samo &co
ChristianAndersson - speeder
Miami nights 1984 - ocean drive

Im still trying to figure out which mix of instruments/electronic instruments would be the most fun. So i am open to ideas!
So yeah. If anyone has an interest feel free to hit me up :)

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