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#293769 by diana1316027
Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:37 pm
Hello :) I studied under a lot of great and crazy names as a youngster wanting to be a lyricist, I studied very hard and I'm penniless. As a child I was upper middle class parents and I decided very young that I wanted to fund medical technology and charities with my income so that's... exactly what I did. It's also why I'm not known or very famous. I'm working at publishing a book yearly, now but in the meantime I want to upgrade my skills. I want to learn singing, songwriting with melody and chords, drum pad, and electronic keyboarding.

My only skill is that I focused solely on writing lyrics in multiple genres for 30 years, often pushing myself to write for 8-12 hours each day. My parents repeatedly kept telling me my writings were absolutely worthless and they kept putting me down and telling me to stop trying, and sometimes they just grabbed my notebooks and threw them in the garbage without even looking at my writings. But I rebelled against them, sometimes I had to go threw the trash pull my notebooks out of the garbage clean food off of them. Often I'd just end up handwriting the lyrics into another 'master' notebook that I kept hidden under my bed.

I don't even have a car anymore, so we could meet at the local baseball park in spring/summer/fall? If we come to an agreement of some kind I'll give you my email address and then we can swap phone numbers.

But if you don't want to teach me.. that's perfectly fine I'm willing to rate myself at $600/day and see who wants 10 lyrical songs written for them inside of a day. You'll own the copyrights. (I'm doing this ONLY because I made a promise to a band that is now in Nashville, TN they sound amazing on youtube and they have emailed me several times that they want me to show up and practice with them an be a full member, but I can't afford even a one way ticket, and just forget about meals or apartment. So yeah, trying to get the money together for that ASAP.) I really never needed money much before, and I was always happy to donate all my lyrics to Doctors Without Borders, and the American Cancer Society, or write something for a local band. Originally, I was a little offput because they contacted me wanting free lyrics. But, I said to myself what the hey, and I wrote them 20 lyricals. But they're doing such a super amazing, AMAZING job with my lyrics and making it all sound wonderful that I just have to go.

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