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#216120 by Purpledarts
Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:44 pm
A mix of R&B, rock & roll, and incredible vocal talent makes up New York City based band Blue Meadow’s unique sound. Their new album 39th & 8th will definitely satisfy your many tastes and moods, while moving your emotions to places you want them to go! The album introduces an array of musical styles that epitomize the unique essence, energy and special vibe that is the Big Apple. Blue Meadow consists of four singer-songwriters from NYC: Densen Curwen, Devon Joseph, Dexter Lendor, and Jamal Reed. You may recognize the name Jamal Reed because of his success with the group Naturally 7. The best part is that all four members sing!

Because Blue Meadow is a new band, they need your support in proving to the venues that they can bring in a crowd! allows fans to purchase no-risk presale tickets. Payment information is collected through Amazon FPS and customer’s cards are not charged until the minimum number of tickets is sold. At that point, if the venue is satisfied based on the band’s presale ticket sales that the band can bring in a large enough crowd, the show will be booked and fans’ cards will be charged for their tickets. You can purchase pre-sale tickets for Newark, NJ here: and Bridgeport, CT here:

Following the old adage “if you want something done right, do it yourself”, the boys of Blue Meadow have set out to make music that is truly their own. By mixing an array of different styles into one pot, they’ve created their version of popular rock. The band recently released a music video for their new album’s first single, “Cloud 9.” You can watch the video here! at:

You can order or download their album here:
Want to connect with Blue Meadow? Check them out on Facebook and YouTube!

#216141 by VinnyViolin
Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:20 am

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