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#215829 by jsantos
Thu May 30, 2013 8:54 pm
Hello friends! I have available gig slots for the upcoming months:

* Live Wire 06/07/13 - One slot available
* Red Line Tap 06/21/13 - One slot available
* Abbey Pub Green Room - One slot available every Wednesday in June
* Phyllis Musical Inn 06/11/13 - Two slots available
* Phyllis Musical Inn 06/13/13 - Two slots available
* Live Wire 07/05/13 - Four slots available
* Gallery Cabaret 7/12/13 - Four slots available
* Red Line Tap 07/19/13 - Four slots available

If you happen to be passing through town, I can help with booking. I'm not sure if all are paying gigs, but this is a great opportunity to connect with big city audience and get your merch out.

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