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Drums and Accessories.

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#179175 by josh485157
Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:43 am
I am currently thinking about getting a drum set, I can play majority of the songs on rock band on the expert pro level and I have the ion drum kit with the cymbols for it. My question is it hard to switch over to a real drum set?

#179179 by JeremyKitch
Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:10 am
The basics are kinda or the same..... but on a game they group alot of notes that would; in real life be 3or 4 different hits on different cymbals or drums.

#179184 by Drumsinhisheart
Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:36 am
I've never experienced Rock Band, other than to see people playing it at a walmart. There are several differences you'll notice. The basic actions and feel differences can be overcome pretty easily, I'd think. Practice, practice, practice. That's usually what it takes.

#186252 by SCOTTO46
Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:15 pm
i, too, started on rock band, lol.
it got me the ability to play a basic hi hat beat, but fills and other stuff you will need to learn from scratch.
the layout is much different feeling for toms and cymbals.
you can get a good head start at freedrumlessonsonline as they have great beginner tutorials.
also, they will help you in setting up your set properly - ie snare position and height, tuning.
if you buy a set, dont get one with free cymbals as they are all crap.
you are going to want to get decent heads, too, as the ones that come with most sets under a grand aren't worth spit.
plan on 300 for a minimal 5 piece shell kit, 200 for cymbals and $75 for new heads . I would suggest going 400 to 500 for a better shell kit like pearl, tho, as you will prolly regret it later - or keep it for gigs as i did when you upgrade.
if you want double bass, plan on $200 for a decent pedal.
it is a great hobby , but is also quite expensive and addictive! :)
#188085 by DrummerFromOly
Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:46 am
The accoustic set is very versatile, you will be able to play at different dynamic levels, and get different sounds from the set.

Listen to David Garibaldi play on how he uses grace or ghost notes on his snare and Hi Hat.

#203110 by darrin479939
Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:21 pm
After playing real drums for over 35 years, I could NOT play rock band drums! Way too different for me.

#215376 by squodge
Sat May 25, 2013 12:18 am
I started out on Rock Band as well. When I upgraded to Rock Band 3 with the expert pro drum option (3 cymbals), I went for it. Here's my take on it:

If you can complete songs on expert pro drums, then you will have less trouble with co-ordination on a real drum kit than someone who's never played a Rock Band pro drum kit (or has played it. and sucked).

The pads and cymbals on Rock Band are nothing like real drums - don't get too used to the bounce of the pads/cymbals because a real drum kit doesn't behave like a Rock Band pro drum kit at all.

Pedals just hit on Rock Band, there's no "in between". On a real drum kit, you can kick the bass really loud or softly - you can't do this on Rock Band.

On Rock Band, you do get crude dynamics depending on how hard you hit the cymbals, but sadly you don't get different sounds depending on which part of the cymbal you hit. On real cymbals, techniques plays a huge part - and it matters a lot which part of a cymbal you're hitting.

Right now, I'm possibly about Grade 5 standard on the drums. I can finish some of the "Impossible" tier songs on Rock Band on expert pro drums (and a couple I've even managed 5 stars).

My drum teacher says I have incredible co-ordination but average technique - and I think in some ways Rock Band probably helped with the co-ordination, but it could possibly have hindered my technique learning as I was used to just hitting things without thinking about dynamics, stick control, handedness, etc.

#218494 by TulsaDrummer
Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:54 am
Take lessons. Please learn how to spell cymbals. Take more lessons and then take some more. Cartoons and real trap sets are different realities.

#230161 by barbeque sauce
Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:33 am
It will probably be a challenge for the first day or so, but after a week it shouldn't be too hard. Just take it slow and don't expect to be Dave Grohl in a week!

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