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#5757 by tlnelson
Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:47 am
Hi, I'm new to band mix. I'm 42 years old, female, and I've been singing my whole life. I've never been able to pursue my dreams of being in a rock band. Life kept getting in the way, lack of support from parents when I was younger, getting married having kids, things like that. Now that I'm divorced and away from the people pulling me down, I want to get into a 70's/80's cover rock band. My question is, is it ever too late to start a band and pursue your dreams of music? It just seems like it's all geared to the younger generation and the industry doesn't even look at you if your not younger then 27. There are still plenty of talented musicians/singers out there that are older than that. Do we still have a place in music anymore?

Any advice/comments would be welcomed :-)



#5760 by The Defenders
Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:43 am
Heck NO! You go sounds like you did your deeds now its your turn! Take it from me I know cause I did it like that too. now Im rockin.

#5762 by Vocals & Bass
Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:46 am
Sure theres a place for a good vocalist, At any age. Look what Steven Tyle did with Aerosmith. When "Pemanent Vacation & Pump" were released, Tyler had to be late 40s to early 50 yrs. old at the least. In my opinion, some of his best vocals. So go for it !! For one thing, It will be your first time with a band so it should all be new and exciting for you. When performing live, you will strive to do your best at cover songs. I know for me personally, Ive done alot of cover songs through the years, just as good as the original artist or sometimes maybe even better. So certain songs can be, as to say "boring" at times. [repetious] Discover your vocals, It can all be new & exciting to you at any age......So, Rock Out!...........Peace............

#5764 by The KIDD
Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:59 am
Hey Girl,

Female vocal material in the classic rock vein would be a tresure around these parts for sure..Ive watched it die slowly in the clubs over the last 15yrs or so but its still happenin on the fairs and festival circuit..The few ladies we still have around here are doing mostly 80's dance along with covering bands like Journey, Boston, Kansas etc.(stuff outta my range for sure :lol: )...Assuming that your just getting started,get ya 40 of your best tunes, figure out what keys you sing them best in,get a good grasp of musical terms and how to communicate them.Learn some basic chord theory if ya havent already...Most seasoned musicians will be glad to help if ya come off serious and willing to have asteady female vocal again...Its been a while :lol: ...I miss that alto.(high stack harmony).
Start networkin , get cards made up, hang out back stage while bands are settin up/tearin down..Im sure youve prolly hit the local stores...
This is a goofy business,sometimes a postion will present itself when ya least expect it so stay on top of your networking, even when it looks dead.
My hayday was 75-94.Since then ,it has gotten rough out there.BUT, theres plenty of over 40s' on here still giggin on many different levels so hang in there...

Hope your giggin soon,

John in WV.

#5766 by AustinTatious
Thu Mar 15, 2007 12:13 pm
it's never too old, now sure I'm only 19, but the guys in my band Detox are 37,36, and the guitarist we ahve auditioning for us I dont know his age but I'm sure he's in his mid to late 30's as well, and they've all been pursuing the dream. Now, you do have to ask yourself, "Why is it taking so long?" The answer is different for all of us. The most common thing I see is what I read in yours, having kids, jobs, marriages, etc. I'm not saying these are holding you back, I'm just saying the human morale wants to take care of their immediate family before their music family, which in my mind is the right thing to do. So, never feel bad about not getting anywhere in the music business unless you haev no real reason holding you back. The old guitarist for one of my bands had nothing holding him back, no kids, no wife, bu all he wanted to do was sit aroudn and smoke and strum on the guitar, no ambition.

So, in end, no, it's never too old to pursue the dream, just keep in mind we live in a very superficial world where the music business wants "young, new, fresh, blah blah blah", but luckily, there are still a few out there who actually remember music is about the MUSIC

#5770 by RhythmMan
Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:29 pm
Tracy, your life experience, and subsequent maturity is valuable.
I'm 53, and just got back into it a few years back.
You don't need permission - you want to do it anyway, right? :)
So . . .
Practice. Sing. Try new stuff.
Try singing 1 note lower, try one note higher.
Inhale a little bit deeper . . . try a new style.
Get better - and get noticed . . .

#5773 by Irminsul
Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:30 pm
Never too old.

Although I'm a lifelong pianist, I picked up the celtic harp at age 34....WAAAAAY late for harpers (who tend to start when they are chidlren) and it's been wonderful.

Also, it really helps to recraft what your "dream" is. Too many people fantasize their whole life about doing backflips on stage to a sold out crowd at Madison Square Gardens, when some of the most soul satisfying experiences I've ever had were after doing a good concert for a few hundred. Or smaller. Dreams are many, and varied, and you can always reinvent yourself. In fact, as musicians I would think self reinvention is a priority.

Final note: Did you know that Grandma Moses, the American folk artist, started painting in her 70s?
#5789 by tlnelson
Fri Mar 16, 2007 12:47 pm
Hey all, I really want to thank you for your responses of encouragement and support. I really appreciate it. :-) It's really hard to put my all into this when I see soooo many young artitsts out there and not many older ones, "just starting out", you know? I mean there are tons of older artists still out there doing their thing, but they've been doing it for years! I just felt that it would be harder for me since I'm just starting out and not seasoned and experienced, you know?

My goal/dream is to either start a new cover band or join an existing one, and I know of the work and conflicts that come with being in a band. I've watched ALOT of documentaries about what bands go through, I'm prepared for it! LOL But it's always been a dream of mine ever since I got a chance to sing with a band, for a few songs, when I was in high school. It felt great! The band loved me, the crowd that was there loved me, and I will never forget that feeling, ever! I would have joined a band back then, except my grandparents bulked against it. All these years I've been wanting that back but never acheived it. I hope with all my heart I can now. I know the hard part is going to be finding good musicians that want to play what I want, you know?

I'm planning on recording a demo of six songs this coming summer/early fall. Once I get it recorded I'll be uploading mp3s into band mix.

Thanks again for the encouragement.

Rock on!


#5793 by Jacquee Rae
Fri Mar 16, 2007 2:56 pm
Hey Tracy!
I certainly hope you are wrong as far as the industry not looking at anyone 27 or younger. I am 31 and just started last year to really actively pursue my dream! I am continuing to grow and certainly have aspirations of going somewhere at this age and I hope it isn't just down the street to the liquor store. LOL! Heck, I'd be singing all the way. hahaha.
I just wanted to say, keep rockin' and don't let anything slow you down. Do your thing!!

#5812 by Nicod3mus
Fri Mar 16, 2007 8:00 pm
age is no limit but I would broaden your horizon a bit....don't think about doing 70's and 80's music think about doing YOUR music.

#5815 by RhythmMan
Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:26 pm
I like the music from the 70's, the 80's (and other eras, too).
It's nice to hear old favorites . . .
And - it's fine to start out with cover tunes, as long as you can put a little of yourself into it.
But, I also think that there can come a time when you think you've spent enough time learning OTHER people's music. And, a time may come when you might want to consider learning some of your OWN music. :)
Even while you're still singing covers - when you go home - write your thoughts down in lyric form, or make up some melodies.
The first step is to realize that YOU can write originals, too.
You can.
What do you think, JR?

#5828 by tlnelson
Sat Mar 17, 2007 3:03 pm
I hear ya, and I would love to do my own music, but I've never sat down and tried to write anything. If I had someone to collaborate with, then I'd think I could at least get my thoughts across. Believe me I could probably come up with some awesome songs based on my life story! LOL That is something I'd want to do in the near future. Starting out in a cover band would at least get me out there on stage, then I'd want to branch out and do currant stuff and then originals. At my age, I was thinking that I'd be happy just being in a cover band doing local gigs, but in the back of my mind I'd be ecstatic if I could go as far I as could! :-)

Thanks for all the responses everyone, I appreciate them. :-)


#5833 by RhythmMan
Sat Mar 17, 2007 3:45 pm
Good luck with it.
And - follow through - buy a blank pad of paper . . .

#5840 by johnnya
Sat Mar 17, 2007 6:36 pm
its never to late or age, once a musician, always, we are like the mystics so legends go, kids are always a blessing and everything else is what musicians write or express themselfs and to others in the musical world. As long as myfingers can play and voice can sing, keep on rocking or boppin. :D :idea:

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