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Rate your favorite bands and albums.

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#4731 by bryteh20
Tue Feb 06, 2007 4:03 pm
There is no correct answer to this question, but what id like to know is-- Who do you think is the greatest guitarist of all time???

#4741 by Guitarzan6000
Tue Feb 06, 2007 9:30 pm
Thats a very personal thought... there are as many different "best" guitarists as there are fans. I wrote about this in my blog at {} I hope you all check it out and add your comments too.

#4779 by Skotkills
Thu Feb 08, 2007 10:34 pm
Dimebag. 8)

#4819 by liquid_embrace
Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:45 am
Merely my opinion, but for my money:

Best Solos - David Gilmour.

Best Metal - Zakk Wylde.

Most Feeling - Buddy Guy.

Best Technician - Steve Vai.

Guys That Redefined the Guitar (for their time and place) - Hank Marvin, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen.

Guitarist Hardest to Pigeonhole - Jeff Beck/John 5 (tie).

Sickest Tone - Mark Knopfler.

Best Single Note - BB King (if you know his playing, then you know what note I am talking about).

MVP - Everyone who plays with their hearts and keeps the fire burning.
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#4820 by Guitarzan6000
Sun Feb 11, 2007 12:54 am
Liquid....VERY COOL!!!!! I like your ideas!!!! Don't forget these guys:

Best Bowhunter: Ted Nugent

Best Makeup: Ace Frehley

Best Pool Player: George Thorogood

Best Tequila: Sammy Hagar

Best to wake up next to in the morning: Lita Ford

Ok, I'll stop it..... But I definately agree with you on most of those....

#4821 by bryteh20
Sun Feb 11, 2007 1:59 am
What about Yngwie??? Dont forget Malmsteen..... he's probably the fastest... most original.... but best?? :?: In my opinion, yes. Although Slash's bluesyness and style is my favorite!!!

#4824 by liquid_embrace
Sun Feb 11, 2007 2:21 am

What a subject matter....

Yngwie was definitely an original when he came out, although it could be argued that Randy Rhodes was experimenting with combining metal and classical music even earlier, but for obvious reasons did not get to develop it.

I still remember my friend coming running up to me with a copy of "Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force" and yelling "You've gotta hear this guy RIGHT NOW!". Definitely was something I had never heard before.

Yngwie is definitely fast, but it can be argued that Michael Angelo Batio was/is even faster, if we are talking about pure speed. One could even argue for Paul Gilbert back when he was using a power drill with picks attached to the drill bit for his picking.

What I would credit Yngwie for the most is being absolutely true to his love. There are many blues guitarists who play nothing but blues. Same for country virtuosos, metalheads and classical guitarists who chose to never play anything but their chosen style. Lots to choose from in each category.

But how many have chosen the purely neo-classical, post-viking metal genre and remained absolutely and unswervingly dedicated to it, no matter what anyone else in the world was doing?

The list is short and sweet with Yngwie heads and shoulder above the rest, in my opinion.

#4858 by Guitarzan6000
Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:04 pm
Bryteh20.....If you were a few years older, (or me A LOT younger) I'd marry you!!!! :wink: HA HA HA!!! What a cool person you are!!! Your taste in music is just AWESOME!!!!

Malmsteen is very fast indeed, but speed alone doesn't make a great guitarist. It's HEART and SOUL and PASSION in my opinion.... It's FEELING....Originality too. Not to mention tone also....

Like I said before, everyone has their own opinions and ALL of the guitarists are GREAT!!!! Personally I like Ritchie Blackmore, but is he the best??? Nope....But who is???? I guess we'll just keep talking about it :D

Great topic BTW!!!!

#4875 by bryteh20
Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:45 pm
Thanx guitarzan6000!! You are quite the cool dude yourself...was that a proposal??? ha ha. Just kidding. :D . I must admit ritchie Blackmore was the bomb...very original. uummmm...who else. Tony Iommi was very inventive for his time. as was Jimmy Page. Randy Rhoads was another of my personal favorites. Randy... RIP man. and are my favorite forum poster! :wink:

#4876 by liquid_embrace
Tue Feb 13, 2007 7:02 pm
I am not downplaying the death of anyone, musician or otherwise, but I especially hated to see Randy go so early in his career. I often imagine what he would have done. How big of an influence would that guy have been if he had lived just a few more years?

#4882 by bryteh20
Tue Feb 13, 2007 8:33 pm
Randy probly would have been a bigger influence than Eddie Van Halen if u ask me. I wonder if he wouldn't of died....would ozzy ever have found Zakk Wylde?? or would Zakk even have been discovered at all?? probly.

#4895 by Guitarzan6000
Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:24 am
Wow, 2 VERY interesting posts!!!!

Randy was definately something else, and it would have been interesting to see where he'd be now. According to the old "Guitar Player" articles I read about him, he also was quite a talented instructor, and a very "humble" person too. Sounds like he was just a great all-around guy!

EVH also was an innovator, but now what has he done lately??? Sorry to think that VH is washed up, and the "thought" that they are bringing Roth back is just a feeble attempt to re-live the "glory days". The only reason I say that is I saw the "Sam and Dave" tour a few years back and Sammy just ROCKED!!!! (he had Michael Anthony play bass on all of the old VH tunes) But when Dave came out he just SUCKED!!!! I hate to say it, but he did... I actually left early. (of course none of that has anything to do with guitar playing....sorry)

Bryteh, you are just awesome and I wish it was a proposal :( if only you were 10 years older and I was 10 years younger :cry: Oh well, maybe next life huh???? :D

Seriously ... you are wise beyond your years.....

#4913 by bryteh20
Wed Feb 14, 2007 6:49 pm
not that this has anything to do with guitarplaying either....but I heard that "Diamond" david lee roth was now doing BLUEGRASS!! not that theres anything wrong with that of course...but dave...blugrass...the two just definitly do NOT mix.

Another interesting thing that comes to mind when i think of guitar playing......C.C. Deville from Poison. Dang..i feel so bad for the guy. Everyone hates him and i dont know why. I mean he really that bad. Guitar world magazine always makes C.C jokes and i just dont think its cool. i personally dig his work and him as a person..(not that i know him personally, but he seems like a decent guy for sure.) He may not be the best....but hes DEFINITELY NOT the worst. What do u guys think???

and life for sure buddy. :wink:

#4921 by Guitarzan6000
Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:26 pm
Thats absolutely TRUE that David Lee Roth did a bluegrass album, it was a big deal here in Nashville when it came out, but I never heard any of it actually. Not a huge fan of that genre....

I got to see CC DeVille a few years back when they did a stop here. He must have been pretty stoned or something, he was sitting on the amps and drum riser a lot as I remember. His playing was OK, nothing great though.....I think that Guitar World Magazine must have something against him.... maybe he took the writers gig in a band a long time ago or something. I agree it's "childish" of them to say stuff about him or anyone else for that matter.... He's not what I would call a "great player" personally. Just a good 'Ol Rock-N-Roller, and there aint NOTHIN' wrong with THAT!!!! As long as people like him, and everyone is having FUN, then why does he have to be a "guitar god"??? Hell, lets just Rock-N-Roll!!! :D After all, it's all about FUNNNNNN!!!! :wink: There's all KINDS of guitarists like that...certainly not influential, but fun to see and listen to. And to "me"... THATS what "Rock-N-Roll" is all about. I hate it when people take it too seriously....

(and bryteh, I can't wait till next life!!!! HA HA HA!!!!) 8)

#4957 by Vocals & Bass
Thu Feb 15, 2007 8:04 pm
Wow! thats a hard question. None of them are better than the other, Best at their own style maybe. But I would pick, Hendrix, S.R.Vaughn,E.V.Halen,there are so many. Just Ozzys guitarist are more than a few. I am sure there are different levels of ability & talent,style,etc. Like a time in the 70s when the band"YES" took music to " A level of perfection". Or in Eddie Van Halens Era .Best of the Best. Its so rare to hear a good guitar solo ,on the radio anyway,since the 90s began. I think that Clapton is over-rated as a guitarist.{just my opinion} Dont get me wrong,I like some Clapton.{Cream}white room,Lay La.and some others.
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