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#119213 by D
Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:20 pm
I'm in a band out in Oshawa, Ontario... now other than that maybe being an issue (if you know of Oshawa, you'd understand haha), I am wondering why it is so hard to find musicians.

I know they are out there...I know they can play, I've seen other bands and there are plenty of them...

But it seems that people don't want to bother anymore. It's like if there's no money in it, why bother... I hope I'm wrong in that assumption.

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about though. I know of a band, they are a technical death metal band that are signed, are going to be releasing a cd soon, and are playing a ton of shows coming up... but their drummer quit on them. What's worse is that they cannot find ANYONE...they've been looking for months and no one has stepped up to the plate. It's sad.

Same here with my band... we're trying to find a singer but all we get are nibbles. No one is ready to just say yeah man I'm the person you're looking for, or if I'm not, I'm going to sing my ass off until you are convinced of it.

My band is working with an ex-Megadeth guitarist on our 3 song demo and we have 0 interest in any appropriate metal singers... it's pathetic, and I refuse to believe that there aren't people out there with the talent to belt out some powerful intense music.

If anyone told me they were working with a professional like that I'd join up just to see how everything was done, let alone to hang out and talk about sh*t.

Anyway... has anyone else found this massive drought in any of the situations they have been in? It's really starting to make me dispondent and cynical about the whole mess.

#119233 by sanshouheil
Tue Aug 03, 2010 9:35 pm
Musicians are flakes man. :wink:

#119280 by D
Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:46 am
Tell me about it...jeez

I'm curious if there are any other websites like bandmix or perhaps like kajiji or craigslist that have more genre based ads...

Everyone hates or loves metal, and it's like finding needles in a stack of razors... just seems theres so many straight forward, every day rock or contemporary or pop nuveaux whatever the flavor of the day is...

But I can't seem to find any singers. It's depressing...I just want to make music and I can't do the vocals cuz I got a pathetic throat that shreds every time I try and when I play guitar my head shuts everything down...

#119287 by philbymon
Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:26 am
Sounds like a bad case of NSS - Nocann Singanplai Syndrome. You may want to see a Dr about that.

You could try Musicians Forest, but I wasn't impressed with it. Try Googlin' "band search in Canada," or something.

Best way to meet is in person...try colleges, music stores, instrument repair shops, theater groups, open mics, other band's gigs...stuff like that.

Good luck.

#119290 by sanshouheil
Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:28 am
You should try finding GodRockers.

Have you used the search function?

I got our bassist and drummer here on BandMix by a daily use of the search function.
It took a couple of months of determined search and messaging.
But it worked.
I've heard good and bad about CL.
I guess as long as it works it is good. But I have heard some buzz about tweakers using CL to find stuff to steal.

Best wishes in your musical endeavors.

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