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#3618 by AnubisKane
Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:50 pm
I'm looking to create a new project in New York City and you think there would be no shortage of musicians out here but I can't seem to find any. I'm guitarist and vocalist looking for a drummer keyboard player and bassist that are into rock with some jazz, blues funk and R&B mixed in. I just can't find people into original music. Everyone I run into eith wants to do covers or is so stuck on one style that they can't adapt.

If there are any interested players out there with some skill that want to play for the love of music until we're ready for the big money gigs, let me know. E-mail

:evil: ~KANE~ :twisted:

#3619 by Auburn Diva
Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:41 pm
You're not alone, man. I've had a HUGE problem finding people who have talent & versatility. I've settled for verticality (simply the ability to stand upright holding their instrument) quite a few times just to be able to play SOMETHING. The open jams are clique-fests; karaoke is...well, karaoke; & finding anyone who meshes in style & commitment level is damn near impossible. I think that out of all the people I've met & jammed with since I've been in Florida, I'd choose the Instigator & his buddy as the rest of my band, but the nasty transportation issue rears its ugly head. Hey, Bob & Steve, I hope you're still looking when I get my license back!
#3622 by saddlecreek2006
Tue Nov 21, 2006 1:07 am

#3627 by Hink
Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:24 pm
this is why years ago I decided to put a lot into a home studio....I need my creative outlet, I want very much to be playing live again, but I refuse to wait for all the cosmic forces to come together. I can't just sit in my living room and play to records my whole life. Sadly, I did find a band very close to me through this site last fall. However it just didn't work out and uncharacteristically it was my not being there. With my father's death this past summer I just wasn't in a place for it and didn't handle it well (confession over).

However, my confession points out that even the most dedicated musicians sometimes have things out of their control get n the way, those things I can's the other stuff that confuses me. In 35 years of playing, many bands, I can honestly say I've run the gambit. Very few people I have met are dedicated to their art, instead it's the image, booze, drugs, dating, domestication, ect that they are dedicated to.

My last musical venture with someone else was just one partner, I thought that would be better. How wrong could I be? This guy was juggling two girlfriends and using me as his excuse for both, he was never here when he was suppose to be and when he did show up he had a million excuses (you know, like with his girlfriends). Finally after one weekend of having everything set up for him to come in and record his parts I had enough. He promised me the whole weekend so we could get things done :roll: . Friday..."I'll be there in a few"...the only few were the phone calls letting me know where he was....saturday the same...finally sunday night he shows up all "see I didn't let you down"...I haven't seen him since that night, I looked at him and said "obviously the last thing you want to do on your weekend is play music so get out of here". That's when I decided that I'll hope for a good band, but I won't sit around and wait on it.


#3646 by RhythmMan
Thu Nov 23, 2006 3:33 pm
Guys, I hear you.
I, too am tired of all the excuses, people showing up late, etc.
And when I get together with people, - it takes them forever to learn the songs.
Now that I've gotton older (and somehow accumulated more experience), I write more detailed songs, - but God, they're not THAT hard.
I've found maybe 3-4 good musicians, real musicians - but both are far way. And, I've found lots of musicians with hardly any experience at all. Nice people, mind you, but - years behind in the amount they've learned . . .
So, I've come to find out that there's not many people (available) who CAN play my music! I often have to teach them the 'new' chords, first . . . and more than 5 chords in a song confuses the hell out of them . . .
I've had to show vocalists how to find a melody or harmony, and I don't even consider myself a singer. But at least I can readily find a melody or harmony, - and so should a vocalist.
And, apparently, nobody wants to practice nearly enough. When people come back - just give a listen; it sounds like they haven't practiced more than 10 minutes since last practice.
But - Sheeez - talk about double-whammy.
Few people under 30 are interested in working with those over 50, and - now my songs are 'too hard.'
When I get together with people, I waste tons of time teaching them to play the songs. Then they disappear. (and I do mean 'dis' appear . . .)
Commitment? What's that?
I'm going to go it alone. I've already wasted about 60 -80 hours of my life, basically - teaching other people for free. People who take their new-found knowledge elsewhere, in seach of something easier. That kind of person is just holding me back.
If I had just practiced on my own for 60 -80 hours, I would have discovered a few new techniques, some new sounds, and many new songs . . . And I'd have 30 songs copyrighted by now, instead of 21.

I think that maybe, . . . just maybe, - a lot of people just want to get up in front of an audience and be idolized. They want to be heros.
Work? Learning? Study? Practice?
What do those words mean?
Once they find out that I'm lorking for REAL musicians - poof! Gone in a flash.
Wow. Didn't mean to get so carried away . . .
But, anyway - I hear ya, people.
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#3665 by J-max
Sat Nov 25, 2006 1:25 pm
Yea ! same crap here in S. Florida. I run into musicians being late & leaving early or not showing up at all. I've been finding out that theres alot of musicians that are either flakes or have to much baggage. I wish some of you guys were closer. I need dedicated & prof. musicians that eat and sleep music.

Take it easy out!

#3678 by FenixBloodstone
Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:29 am
Yeah tell me about it... Looking for a Drummer and still have not found one in the Detroit area.


#4361 by bluesman25
Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:05 am
I have a band, but they only want to practice about once a month...and refuse to travel for gigs. What's that about? I have a home studio and have been trying to get them to help me on the demo but they show absolutely no interest. If I had a bandmate with a studio I'd be there CONSTANTLY to work on whatever project imaginable.

So I do what everybody does. I look for others to replace them. In searching for more motivated players that are actually INTERESTED in being a musician, I face the same problem in finding those...that can my area... that play anything remotely close to my style of music.

I scan musician classifieds every night for openings, not just in my area but even cities in my surrounding states. I'm so dedicated I'd pack up and move to another state for a promising working band. I've been doing this for like 2 years now...everything from gigfinder to bandmix to myspace.

...nuts so far

I could understand the problem more easily if I were a hack, but I majored in jazz guitar performance for 4 years in college. Still though, finding work or musicians willing to work is next to impossible.

What's sad is that there are thousands out there just like us with the same problem. It's a cruel irony really.

#4371 by RhythmMan
Wed Jan 17, 2007 3:42 pm
You're right on the money.
I, too, scan the ads daily.
Let's say you start with 1000 ads.
Discount the 15 & 16 year-olds - now you're down to 850.
If you like heavy metal, then there are about 650 ads left.
If you're like me, and you like anything but heavy metal (punk, rap, et. al. . . .) then you have maybe 200 ads left.
Discount those who are WAY too far away - now you have 40 ads.
Of those 40 - 15 won't reply.
Of the 25 who reply - for one reason or another, - maybe you'll actually meet 12.
Of those 12, 1 will do drugs, or party constantly. 11 to go.
3 are headed in the wrong musical direction, style-wise. 8 to go.
1 canceled on your first meeting, and post-poned the 2nd. 7 to go.
2 lied about their ability. 5 to go.
1 of them is a real creep. 4 to go.
1 was just accepted in another band which he'd been trying to get into for the last 2 months. 3 to go.
1 is a control fresk. 2 to go
1 has issues with a girlfriend/boyfriend. 1 to go.
I think you might want to adjust some of those figures a bit, but - man, you better hope that the one guy/girl who is left is dedicated! :)

#4373 by
Wed Jan 17, 2007 5:23 pm
Lead guitars are easy, walk into a music store throw a stick, chances are the person you hit is a guitarist...a GOOD lead guitarist or good musicians in general are the heard part. I've been looking for a while & most people don't want to JOIN so posts on here are almost useless.
In Houston there are very few all original clubs left, all the cover bands play the same stuff over & over, there's almost nothing, even in our publications you're lucky to find 3 ads!

#4393 by Scott Wilcox of HGR Records
Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:40 am
I agree with everything posted. That's pretty much why I invested eight years in college so I could learn to produce and score my own short films. I'm doing the first one solo, but I'd like to collaborate with fellow musician/artists on subsequent ones.

The electronic/computer revolution has all but phased-out opportunities for original, live performances (except giant-corporate-sponsored-media-circuses).

I think to be at least a semi-pro musician beyond the year 2000, one must focus on video/film/videogames, IMHO, YMMV.

#4406 by Nick BIG HEAD FRED
Fri Jan 19, 2007 12:46 am
Yah..., us olld farts, have paved the way for all the young-in to copy us! Well at least most of the time..., ANYWAY,
The only young kid I know that eats and sleeps this stuff is my son, who is 24 and plays and tours. He's workin is but off and if he keeps it up, someday he's gonna to be great!
Ahhhh, I diegressssss. If you don't put the work in, " HOW YA GONNA GET BETTER" ? Ok, that's enough for now.

#4415 by DFresh
Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:35 pm
I agree that finding other musicians is hard. I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist in Nashville, Tn. This is Music City, USA but it seems like all the musicians are either taken or living under rocks. I've been here for five years and constantly been looking to put a band together. Haven't had alot of luck meeting others until recently. I met a guy who is an audio engineer and he liked my music. He's helping me record my first solo album right now. That's got me excited about the music again. It's taught me that patience in the music business can pay off. I still need to find some other musicians so if this works out we can play live. I enjoy getting out and meeting people and sharing the rock. I enjoy the studio but after awhile the walls start closing in. It's nice to have this forum to meet others and share the experiences. Tell me about yours!

#4436 by leonRay
Sat Jan 20, 2007 8:06 pm
It'd be soooo easy if our good buddies shared our love for music!

#4437 by JAZZMINE
Sun Jan 21, 2007 12:52 am
hello everybody, for all of us who have a true passion for music and have tried to perfect our gifts over the years , i think it gets harder for older much more versed musicians to find like minded musicians ,unless you have made it in the commercial industry ,only than would we have enough money to put together all the players , other than that you play the numbers and take your chances , the record companys if they looked for true talent i think most of us would be satisified, good luck , its the same here on the west coast, later!

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