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#2713 by Irminsul
Sun Sep 10, 2006 1:36 am
Hink wrote:I'm just 47, still a kid :)

btw Bodine, I was on a cd for Katrina relief....nothing big, but some of us over at kvr tried to do what we could :)

Good on ya for helping the Katrina relief effort, Hink. Nobody in the government seems to seriously give enough of a sh*t, comes down to us doesn't it. I am always so proud of my country when I see my fellows so ready and willing to rise to the aide of people who have been devistated in some form.

#2722 by Guest
Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:05 pm
Thanks Hink. All of us down here really appreciate the efforts of people all over the place who have helped us. This is why America is such a great country.

I have some thoughts on Katrina posted on my blog that may be interesting to those of you who would like to hear from a musician who was directly affected by this storm.

#2723 by Auburn Diva
Sun Sep 10, 2006 3:23 pm
Neuroticism, I had to check your location to see if you'd been at the same bar as I was!
#2736 by stratfreak
Sun Sep 10, 2006 10:42 pm
I wanted this on this thread but it ended up out in

As Albert King said to Stevie, Your qualified.

After reading the posts here I now know that I am qualified to post on this thread.

Just turned 50 and have run into the same things that everyone else has. Last couple of bands I tried to put together all they wanted to play was Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Chevelles, Jet and the rest of the "new music" that is out today. The last one said they'd let me have a couple older tunes if I joined. How nice huh?

I cannot find anyone to jam with anymore. All my friends that I grew up playing in a band with are all married and have lost interest for the most part. The very few that haven't are egotists and think they are stars just because they have played for so long.

Oh for the days when you'd get a few friends, practice till the sun came up a few nights a week and in 6 weeks go out and play every place you could because you wanted to not because you were trying to make a buck.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making money at playing but that's not why we did it back then. I always said if you're good the money will follow and it did. Everyone today (not us ole folk) seems to worry more about the money than how tight the set list is.

Well I'm starting to get to that rambling part of my post so I'll quit before I bore ya'll to death. Here's hollerin at ya from S.E. PA. Good luck everyone.


#2737 by neurotictim
Sun Sep 10, 2006 11:04 pm
When I was playing regularly in bars and at lounges, about 8 years ago last, I ranted and raved until my bandmates and I came to the, ahem, *unanimous* decision that the set list should be built as follows:

Currently popular music covers, 10 songs
Classic rock, radio-friendly classics, 10 songs
Originals and jazz/blues jams - 10 songs (or so)

The balance all depended on the crowd we were expecting to play for - college kids have more interest in hearing today's music, and the biker/redneck/good ole' boy crowd wants to hear more classsic rock.

After having played for a place once or twice, we'd get a feel for the demographic, and change around our set lists as necessary, but we always shot to follow a fast couple of songs with a ballad or slower song... We'd try to take our crowd on a roller coaster, as it were, and we'd always take breaks between sets after a fast song, and upbeat song.

We also learned, though trial and error, that the college crowds tip better, but the older folks are more fun.

And, for that matter, we'd rarle yplay over an hour in a set, but we'd always end up playing our "back-up" set before the end of the night... We'd start at 9 or 9:30, and finish at around 1:45. The bar owners always appreciated us wrapping up early so the crowd would start to thin out and they didn't have to kick too many people out.

But that's just in my experience.
#2762 by Flacy
Tue Sep 12, 2006 11:07 am
I have posted to this thread before in an effort to cheer up another old-timer who seemed discouraged. In truth, I was discouraged but too proud to admit defeat. So, I kept plugging away. I was trying to form a band with an excellent guitarist friend but kept running into the same thing. If the auditioned musician was good, regardless of age, there was generally some other issue that prevented participation. If the musician was not so good, they were available (of course there may have still been issues).

I would go to auditions with other bands. Now I am (according to my wife) the pickiest man in the world. Having played professionally with top-notch players like Adrian Belew, I did not want to settle for less. Some of the bands I auditioned for wanted me to play for them but I guess I then had issues because they just did not meet the standard I expected. I really wanted to play for one band with whom I auditioned with but I think they had an issue with my age, 58 (friends say I look 45, but then again, they're friends).

I have been going through this process for nearly three years and just when I had almost given up all hope my prayers were answered. I auditioned for and got the gig with some of the finest musicians with whom I have ever played, and just like me they all want to keep their day jobs. The band is comprised of two guitars, a drummer and me on the bottom end. Only two sing but their voices are so strong you would think you were hearing three-part harmony, and one of the guitarist's has one of the best rock voices I have ever heard.

While both guitarist's are stunning lead players, the drummer is a walking metronome. I played for a short while with drummer Steve Turner, who went on to play with the Pointer Sisters, among other musical accomplishments. This drummer shares Steve Turner's incredible feel for cadence, plus he is what I would call a fat-back drummer. Funky. The drummer is the youngest at 31, the guitarists are in their mid-forties and I am the old man. I feel blessed to have made the cut and just want to issue a word of encouragement to any of you old-timers out there who may be feeling discouraged. Keep pluggin'.

You may hear my new band, Ninety Nine Cents, at and I want to say thank you to everyone on this site who offered similar encouragement to me. I extend my heartfelt appreciation.

#2764 by RhythmMan
Tue Sep 12, 2006 3:05 pm
Hey, Steve.
Glad you're still around. :)
Remember some time ago you listed a bunch of '99' songs? I think it was, maybe 3 - 4 months ago - or was that 3-4 years ago . . . ? :)
Did you ever find a song with 99 chords, or 99 words? :)


#2766 by Flacy
Tue Sep 12, 2006 3:25 pm
Samick1-FunkJazBlues wrote:Hey, Steve.
Glad you're still around. :)
Remember some time ago you listed a bunch of '99' songs? I think it was, maybe 3 - 4 months ago - or was that 3-4 years ago . . . ? :)
Did you ever find a song with 99 chords, or 99 words? :)

No, but I found a 99 group of really solid musicians. Good to hear from you again.

#2807 by Kfaction8
Thu Sep 14, 2006 3:20 am
well oldtimer im a 26 year old guy ive been playing drums since i was 4 been playing alot of 50,s 60,s and 70,s you know ferran young cash pride the old country thats why my band is called country recall....... my dad being the bass player i have alot of heart in this band and music i grew up listening to my dads bands playing this sort of music. just wante to drop you a line from someone you probably would hear of playing that old of music for you to see i will keep the old times rolling your fellow oldie ............kyle
#2890 by mississippitom
Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:45 pm
Anonymous wrote:I have been playing a loooong time. I have great equipment. Bandmix seems to be dominated by heavy metal and alt rock bands. I am an old fart who has played with the stars of yesteryear and only seek people who are willing to do something fun, interesting, and bluesy. Little rehearsing and a modicum of gigs to entice everyone.
Isn't there a place on bandmix that is equivalent to an elephant's burial ground for very experienced players? Can I get an amen?
Someone contact me and improve my look on life, music and the pursuit of normalcy.
I am an old timer with a lot of experience too.We are called Baby Boomers and we ain't done yet.I am ready and willing and able.where are you located?I am in North East Mississippi east of Oxford about 25 miles.

#3332 by little_tim
Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:11 am
hello Stratfreak from 49ish bass player...well I know just where your comin from...but ya know...younger guys are gonna play music that is around thier age...reckon its always been like that....however...since i came to band mix ive found a lot of ol timers down here in Albuquerque and Im startin up a new band with a few of these guys who feel old and cast out...and i tell ya...they still got plenty of juice and passion...
#3360 by Bwood
Mon Oct 30, 2006 6:41 am
Hi All,

My band broke up for a month and then realized we still wanted to be together as a band. We all met and are back together, but during the time we were apart, forget it, trying to find like minded folks was hard. I feel the pain for anyone looking, it is hard for a senior player to hook up.
If you have time our site is listed below and we have had some good things for us since we forgave and forgot. I wish you well in your search and hope it works out, just don't give up, it's your gift to share with the world.

Bob :)

#3540 by The KIDD
Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:51 am
Hey Lil Tim

I was part of the scene in Alburquerque in the mid 80s'....Is "Buzz" Carter still around?...We were playin 7 nites a week for months...Is Glenda and Roberta still agents there?..Ive lost touch with everyone over there years...Lots of jams in that town back then ...How bout Ronny Eden and Rt 66?...Steve Shelton?...Ive tried to find these people on MYspace, the white pages etc, but have been unsuccessful..Any info would be appreciated..Hope your having as good a time as I did 20 yrs ago.

John in WV.

#3547 by MRCZ2U
Tue Nov 14, 2006 2:08 am
I just got back in the game about 3 yrs ago. No one wants to play with me either. From listening to the local bands I know I'm right there with the rest of the newer drumers. I think the high numbers (age) turns people off. :(

#3638 by american drummer
Thu Nov 23, 2006 1:58 am
old here..I'am in north carolina and can;t find anyone who wants to play the old stuff..motown.early rock-n-roll..blues./... I play drums and have been looking for years with no luck.. would love to play..but thinking about getting rid of my 7 pc.TAMA with rack its sad I know there are musicians out there who want to play ....I DO.... can be reached on bandmix.. or

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