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Lights, faders, etc.

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#126606 by wrobelpa
Sat Oct 16, 2010 7:56 pm
From Wilkes Barre Area. I have worked with National and Local Acts.
Venues I did Shows at Scranton Culture Center, Bucknell Univ. Peckville Assembly of God, Old Tinks, The Woodlands, Whistles, Shakerz, The Stone Elephant, Molly Brangans, Foleys, River Strret Jazz, Rockstars, Rox 52, Rondonos, Players, Edison Hotel, Sunburys #1 Fire Company.

Equipment List
4 Elation Power Spots ( moving heads )
4 Elation Stage colors ( 575 watt Color Mixing Par Cans )
4 Chauvet Color Strips ( 38" color mixing led strips )
4 Chauvet Color Strips Mini ( 19" color mixing led strips )
8 Par 64 LED Cans ( color mixing LED par cans )
18 Par 56 300 watt Par Cans ( Chrome w / 300 watt lamps )
24 Par 64 500 watt Par Cans ( Chrome / Black w 500 watt lamps )
6 Elation 4 Channel 2400 watt dimmer packs
2 ADJ Wire less Fog Machines
1 Power distro
4 Truss towers
4 Crank up stands

Cost of Shows depends on Equipment used and distance from Wilkes Barre.

#126625 by gbheil
Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:38 pm
Hey now ... that's a first.

And under the appropriate heading too. :D

Welcome to BandMix and best wishes.
#126818 by wrobelpa
Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:23 am
It's slow here. When the weather gets cold up here the clubs seem to come alive.

I did a show in a church with Lincolon Brewster used to play with Steve Perry and Journey. He came back solo with Christon rock. It was a awesome show

Here is a vid from his web site

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