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What do you think happened?


#221553 by AJ6stringsting
Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:02 pm
yod wrote:
AJ6stringsting wrote:I could tell you about my M.O.S. or experience in those regards. My son worked with those brave men. And I hate it when people make things like this into a political bashing thing.

My son was a special forces commander in Afghanistan. Doesn't make me an expert but I'm not uninformed either.

For instance, the Benghazi Incident , it was politicized too.

Are you really so ignorant to swallow that bullshit lie from traitors who allowed our Ambassador and more brave Navy Seals to die like dogs when we should have sent a few rag-tag thugs to meet their 70 ugly virgins in hell? Really? I can't believe anyone is really that ignorant.

We still don't know what really happened. We have gotten NOTHING but outright lies and cover up from POLITICIANS. Don't think I'm giving Republicans a pass either. McCain, Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie have all shown me that they were always playing on the same side as Obama. None of them are honorable in the least.

POLITICIANS would like nothing more than for people to think this is only being "politicized". They really think we're all stupid, thanks to people like you who have swallowed their propoganda.

From the circumstantial evidence it can be easily ascertained that the Obama administration is illegally trading in weapons to support AL FREAKING QUEDA in cooperation with MUSLIM FREAKING BROTHERHOOD which will be used on civilians in the Syrian war without Congressional approval (which is inconveniently against the law & the will of sensible Americans) AND also has allowed 400 missiles to fall into the hands of terrorists endangering Americans everywhere, our Embassies, and the entire world.

Don't be a tool that helps cover politicians lying, more concerned with defending a liberal ideologue than doing what is right.

Al Qaeda ... a Ronald Reagan created institution. They were the Mujahideen and later became Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Another GOP egg that hatched on 9-11 .... great investment for arms dealers !!!!

what about 9-11

yea, what about it?

G.W. allowed the attack to happen to save his Presidency, steal the surplus monies created in the Clinton years, divert American attention away from Wall Street deregulation, allowed Big Banks to institutionalized toxic assets / junk mortgage lending and allowed energy companies like Enron run out the back door with the diversion.

Your foolish liberal heroes are all in bed with the people who did it.

Reagan created problem .... remember Iran -Contra ..... luckily Ollie North fell on the sword for your Uncle Ronny " I don't Remember" Reagan.

or when Ronald Reagan sent Marines to Lebanon and got killed. Ronald was a wuss, he didn't retaliate.

That ticked me off too, because I'm not choosing sides based on political ideology. But what do you expect him to do exactly? The only choice was an Iranian invasion, because they were the ones behind it.
Hezbollah was be hind it .... backed by Iran. Plus Rumsfeld was handling and managing Saddam Hussein monies from the Central American drug monies that Ollie had laundered by Noriega in Panamanian banks.

We had been allowing terrorist states to fight proxy wars in neighboring countries since the PLO assassinated Bobby Kennedy. Yet when Bush DID finally retaliate, all we got was more sewage mouth from lilly-livered liberals.
Conservatives possibly killed him ;Racist, Far Right Extremist ( Neo-Nazi/ KKK types), Corporation interested in prolonging the Vietnam war.

Liberals want it both ways. All they can do is complain when someone has the conviction to do the right thing; or kill innocent people to cover their political failures.

You watch too much Fox News, Alex Jones and Glenn Beck ( the big race card playing idiot, worse than Sharpton)

But he sold weapon to Iran and paid off Hezbollah , when they took hostage in Lebanon .... selective memory.

I remember it well. I didn't support that in the least. You know why? Because I'm not a political ideologue who supports ANY politician or swallows ANY government propaganda. They are ALL liars and you're blind if you help them by hindering anyone trying to expose these filthy cockroaches.

Thanks for exposing you Anarchistic ignorance .... thanks for you help !!!

Now, you are cheapening the lives, the service these brave men have done for our Country .... no shame .... no shame....

You mean like all the brave men who lost their lives in Afghanistan only to see Obama welcoming the Taliban and Al Queda back into power?

No like you .

Such a useful tool you are to terrorists, sir. You are supporting an enemy of the state by helping them divide us when you swallow this idiotic and ignorant propoganda, and then do their bidding to protect them from the truth coming to light.

Shame indeed!

You gotta be from the South ....and it shows !!!! .... now go along to your KKK / Neo Nazi Militia paint ball tournament !!!! Tell us who wins , The Rebels with out a KKKlue or the Swastika boys

#221555 by Starfish Scott
Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:18 pm
...seriously, Aj?/?

#221598 by t-Roy and The Smoking Section
Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:53 pm
Starfish Scott wrote:...seriously, Aj?/?

How typical and predictable.

Thanks AJ for revealing to all of us how truly ignorant you are. Now anyone who had given you the benefit of doubt can stop.


#221623 by Starfish Scott
Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:10 pm
LOL Yod don't quote me when you are yelling at AJ.. LOL

It's bad for business.. LMAO

That's like getting a recommendation from Crunchy..only thing that's good for is if you are going to the looney bin..

#221626 by MikeTalbot
Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:16 pm

For the love of Pete. Now I have to get references to even get into a decent asylum? It figures...


#222487 by t-Roy and The Smoking Section
Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:28 pm
Our boys were sold-out for political gain of corrupt politicians. This ought to make every American angry enough to DEMAND answers from the White House, The State Department, and the military about the details of this and Benghazi.

The U.S. military claimed that the Chinook was blown to pieces by a shoulder-fired missile, in which everyone on board was burned beyond recognition. Hence, senior military officials ordered the American bodies cremated without the prior approval of their family members.
The military’s narrative, however, is false. Charles Strange, whose son, Michael, died during the attack, says he viewed the pictures of the crash site. “I saw Mike’s dead body,” Mr. Strange said in an interview. “It was clearly recognizable. He was clutching his gun. He wasn’t burned to a crisp. Why did they cremate my boy? They didn’t need to do that. Something’s not right.”
There are numerous questions that need to be answered. Why was the Chinook’s black box never found? The military claims it was washed away in a flash flood. Impossible. Flash flooding is extremely rare — almost unheard of — in that part of Afghanistan. Why was the Chinook not given aerial backup, which is standard military procedure when special forces are deployed?

Read more: ... z2fSVZ37qT
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#222876 by AJ6stringsting
Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:13 am

You are correct, Barack Obama fired the shot with Big Foot, Chewbacca, Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa helped Obama make his escape :roll:

#222901 by Starfish Scott
Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:06 pm
BITE THE BABY<.. yeah tastes great/less filling.. LOL

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