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#186589 by littledrum
Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:22 pm
Tuesday 18th September 2012 sees the launch of The Live Music Forum's Copyright Campaign. The Campaign launch statement is published online at,
[url] ... ement.html[/url]

The Campaign sets out four main demands:-

A single license to cover all live and recorded music copyright.

A fairer system of distribution which includes plays of local artists on local radio stations and in local clubs, venues and festivals, then directs payments to the artists.

A lower rate of copyright licensing fees for live music venues presenting live music 100 times a year or less, to an average audience of a hundred or less.

A system of regulation on copyright collection organisations.

The Live Music Forum speaks for people at the hard end of the music business, of whom there are many, and we hope that you will concur with our points and support our campaign.

As usual, we ask you to spread the word and take the time to write an email to your MP asking them to implement the requests outlined in our campaign.

You can contact your MP free by email easily through,

Phil Little
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