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#159 by WoodJam
Thu Dec 01, 2005 9:51 pm
Greetings fans of southern rock! And Welcome to WoodJams Review.

This thread is dedicated to the assembly of musician(s) for an online virtual southern rock project(s) to create new and tribute old music featuring vocals said to resemble that of Ronnie Van Zant and Danny Joe Brown. In addition vocalist plays rhythm lead guitar.

The responce on Ed Kings/Message board/Off Topics/WoodJam's Review have been overwelmingly positive by his band and other working tribute band members. Ed King co-wrote the song Sweet Home Alabama.

Listen to vocal demo:
Click on the site

click here too ... %20All.MP3

Please use headphones and crank it up.
Given the soundtrack may be considered clumsy, this is intended for vocal demo.

WoodJam: Vocals, rhythm, lead & slide.
Jody Wilson: Bass and Drum composer
Return your opinions and recomendations here.

Thank you very much for your time. -WoodJam

A few samples on Ed's Board.

*** "I would say you are as close to Ronnie as it gets. Including Ronnie, I have heard four singers that really capture Ronnie. Ronnie is one and you are one of the other three.
If I'm being honest you are as close as or better than most I've heard.
Good vocal control.
If we ever needed another're hired."

*** "Sounds pretty good. It's hard to be fair about it considering it's a demo and then reduced to .mp3 status and played through low-fi computer speakers but I can hear the RVZ influence in the voice moreso than many other folks I've heard."

*** "I thought the vocals we're pretty close to Ronnie's oringianl vocals.Almost a Dead on copy. I also thought for a minute, you lifted Ronnie's oringinal and put in on this one.Great Job!"

*** "Not bad. Sounds a lot like Ronnie. I am sure that some on the board will say that the music is not like the original but I think that it is cool. It has that funky feel of the original but in an updated form. It has your style. Thanks for the sample."

Thank you everyone for your time and considerations -WoodJam

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