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#145511 by MamaDeVille
Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:21 pm
:roll: Anyone here play keys like Little Richard or Floyd Cramer? Fats Domino? With ability to sing harmonies, some lead? We are part of a mature band, with huge basement and equipment set up, who will perform some great standards, like White Rabbit. Country, Blues, Classic Rock, with over 40 originals to work on. Recording and television, festivals, and charity causes.

We live in the West Burbs, a few miles outside of Chicago, and need REAL characters, with some type of image and ability to play with feeling and by ear. British guitar playing frontwoman, total marketing package, also have a drummer (my hubby), and a great lead guitarist.

We need honky tonk, bluesy keys and a bassman. Later on, a horn section or sax player. We need vocal abilities, as this will be a rockin' harmony band. Not sure if I can leave personal details in here, so just Google my name; Donni De-Ville. Can give you some music links when you respond.

Does anyone know muso's like we are looking for? We would appreciate the info! I will check back here too, in case of replies. Although you can also reply through my official website. Thanks!

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