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Re-Amping Service

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:22 pm
by MT Studios
Having Trouble Getting a Great Guitar/Bass Tone at your Home Studio?
Your Neighbor doesn't like you blasting your Marshall?
Give me your DI Track and I will Re-Amp Through a Marshall, SVT, Vox AC30 ect. Neve or API Mic Pre's. Royer's to 57's. This is a very affordable way to save your mix. 100% improvement at $25 per track. Paypal accepted.

Fridays are my Re-Amp day. Orders placed on fridays are all bass and rhythm guitars $50 per song. Multiple songs? FIRST ONE FREE!!!! (limit two guitars one bass per song)

Think of it as a one hundred and seventy five dollar an hour studio recording your guitars you did at home.

Email me at or call (818)566-1203