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#260100 by frankiecasanova
Tue May 24, 2016 6:00 pm
Hey guys. New to the forums here. But I've got a question that I can't seem to find any advice for. Hoping some people might have some insights on how to handle a situation.

A couple years ago I put together a band. We were a three piece at the time of inception doing original music in the psychobilly/rockabilly vein.

A little over a year later we added a backing vocalist. Now in my mind the backing vocalist is not "required" to be at a show for us to play. Which we have all agreed on (the core band I mean). Her sole purpose was to add an extra layer of depth to the music . I don't recall dedicated backing vocalists ever being included as part of a band when doing promo shoots or advertising.

So I guess the question I am having is how to explain, tactfully, to her that she is part of the band but not "part of the band", without being a complete douche about it?

My other issue, is that this backing vocalist is vying for more solo song time. We currently do a duet cover song, a couple actually. But the band is named "So and so and the such and such's". The project is my brain child and all the originals are written by me. This naming was done to add to the old school flavor. Im not sure how to handle this situation... any help or suggestions would be great!

Thanks for reading

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