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#239045 by min1048712
Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:50 am
I'm from New Zealand and I'm not sure how easy it is for me to work with people internationally and I'm not sure if this is the right place but I'm offering this chance since I haven't had anyone step up locally yet. What I say here isn't necessarily an indication of what I'm like in real life but rather a way to hopefully convince some of you that this is for real and that I'm thinking properly, and to give people a chance to make the most of it.

I have nearly all the lead parts for enough songs to form one of the best bands in the world according to my taste. I need someone to work on the rhythm parts while I continue to transcribe the stuff that's still in my head. This person will probably get full credit and the option for membership in the band. I'll also be needing the rest of the band at some stage. The songs are insanely diverse and although I originally started thinking with both male and female voices in mind, they would suit a female vocalist more because this is stuff that has come from the music voids that have become apparent to me after listening to so much. I'm only going to be providing music and not actually in the band. I could have just sold this music to different artists but I want to do something different instead. How I ended up with this music is a story for another day.

The vocalist should look in their 20s or younger and could well be a combination of the following: a wholesome pop rock vocalist, a straightforward pop vocalist, an emo, a pompous rocker, a gothic rocker, a silly pop punk, a punk rocker, a female who can be boyish sometimes, a pop/rock/AOR/metal/alt rock vocalist capable of a little bit of partly operatic vocals, a fun and crazy singer, a wild west steampunk, an unpretentious art musician whatever that is, a fantasy power balladist, someone who can sing both very sad and very happy songs, a space rocker, a theatrical singer...someone who can be interesting! There's a range of tempos and pitches, there's energetic stuff, there's epic stuff, there's melancholy, and there's both youth and maturity. I have stuff that could possibly set new standards in subgenres ranging from teen pop hybrids to opera hybrids to punk hybrids to art rock to more straightforward variations of rock. Even for subgenres that some people might look down upon or dislike then I could possibly have a song or part of a song to make them think again. This is not a band that will try hard to be cool because there will be so much mainstream hit material, the music is so good, and the band will be so crazy that the band will be secure enough to deliver all kinds of stuff that is missing in music and this might make it the darling band where nearly everyone will find something to like. But having said that, there is actually heaps of cool stuff and different kinds of cool. Good music is good music regardless of genre or how cool it is but I really do try to make the guilty pleasure stuff as cool as I can. I've tried to think of what kinds of songs an ultimate band should have and I think that I have a fair bit already.

Here's some of the music that I think I have:
-A rock song that would make a good track for a US superhero movie soundtrack. Maybe a female can actually outrock a male after all?
-The next dark, rocking, (hopefully) crowd-pleasing epic.
-A crazy song to try to match some legendary, crazy song.
-Something that could make the next teen pop star if it got in the right hands. A guilty pleasure for rockers and metalheads even.
-Some really sought after type of feel-good song that lots of people should like.
-Guitar solos that should set a new standard on the radio and do justice to the vocal melodies.
-A bunch of songs that could be on those relief concerts.
-Some symphonic passages that I think are pretty good.
-Something to try to take theatrical to the mainstream.
-There's even a tiny bit of cowboyishness. Some bits that country-haters might even like.

I've thought of what might be able to capture the attention of the US because that seems to be the key to having music spread globally. And I want to make this music have sentimental value for those music fanatics out there who have been longing for certain things.

If you try to please everyone then you might end up pleasing noone, so I would really have to rate my taste and understand music taste to think I've got what it takes to pull off such insane diversity. I'm one of the most prolific music listeners out there surely. I judge and rate music in a way that suits the purpose of making good music. I try to take away the more subjective elements when ranking parts of music and I'm very harsh when ranking it. I have even developed a system to work out how original or derivative this music probably is, despite how much I've heard. The techniques and analysis I've used are too much to describe here and there's a lot of theory behind how I've concluded that this music is really good in the long-term, which isn't necessarily the same as being hit music though.

The albums might not be that cohesive but I would prefer one full of really good but diverse songs than a more cohesive one with average songs that feel similar. The sum of the individual quality of the tracks should make the albums stand out, and I think I know the standard that some freakishly amazing, if obscure, albums out there set. You might be thinking of some band or album that I surely cannot match, but what I've come up with surprises myself even. I'm thinking that the first album could go under the radar if I don't have some big shots helping the band out but at the same time I'm curious to know if that is indeed what will happen. I have a very strong backup plan even if the first album goes nowhere. I believe that a band with music that meets a certain level of quality, quantity, and density of mainstream-enough-sounding material becomes virtually unstoppable.

I've got all kinds of songs that might make fans of one genre fans of another genre. Maybe the mainstream can be shifted? If you're someone who thinks that mainstream music needs to be reinvigorated, then here's a chance to do something about it.

There may even be an opportunity to be a middleman to take all this pressure off me and get things going because I'm not really much of a business person. And if I'm really this creative then I might have other ways to contribute to the world, like insight into creativity itself and human potential. But let's see if this music is as good as I think first. Those think tanks call for the big thinkers to solve problems and I might need more to get this going. Or we can go with the down-to-earth approach. Maybe it's easier to get this going with no expectations. I'm ok with either way.

I didn't set all this as a goal. The music came to me first and now I have to do something about it. I don't think there's really any catch to this. Even if you didn't believe me, I hope you had a good chuckle because it's good for you. Just like good music.


PS. If you aren't from NZ or Auckland then there's still the possibility of working with me if you can make it convenient for me. I like staying at home rather than moving around but I might be keen on covering any costs that are needed to visit me even though I'm not sitting on a pile of money, because I think I know what this music is worth to some.
#239047 by schmedidiah
Wed Jan 28, 2015 1:41 pm
If you're already making music on the computer, I would highly recommend you check out Ohm Studio. It's free for the first 10 songs. You can join other people's projects or invite them onto yours. That would open you up to a lot of musicians outside of your, um, geographical situation. To be honest, just being helpful here, I only read about the first two sentences of that screed. You need an editor. Sheesh! :roll: :D
#259807 by Starfire_KTreva
Sun May 15, 2016 4:07 pm
So I know you posted this over a year ago but wondered if you're still looking for people? My husband and I are in the process of getting a band together in Dunedin mostly looking at rock at the moment but open to trying most styles of music. Im a classically trained soprano and my husband's a guitarist. Drop me a line if you'd be interested in talking about working together.
#259810 by schmedidiah
Sun May 15, 2016 4:38 pm
I visit this forum daily and haven't seen this member come back. Go to their bandmix profile, or better yet, message them (if you're a premium member).
#259888 by schmedidiah
Wed May 18, 2016 2:30 pm
Any luck? We have some topics in general music chat that might interest you. Collaborations between members are on the rise! :D

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