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#147608 by lookingforavoice
Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:53 am
hi I"m looking for a musician to sing this song; appreciate any responses or suggestions

Whore's Halo
I hug my halo tight to my breasts in their lift-up bra
My eyeballs pace furtively behind their masscaraed prison bars
My lips tremble under their sinful red velvet cloak
For Andrew Jackson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln
I lay down my body
As the bed shakes with rumble of battle
I hold on to my halo-helmet
Close my eyes
And sing twinkle-twinkle little star
Around me the bowling ball is spinning
with ever increasing pace of night and day
about me time is clinking away, one coin upon another
inside me, my heart is beating the footsteps of a pig-tailed girl
doing hopscotch on the concrete city sidewalk

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