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#146567 by iGiveapooponJackTheDonkey
Sat May 14, 2011 5:16 pm
If you are unsigned, want more exposure (who doesn't?) and give a poop (not enough people do) about charities and causes, I would appreciate you joining , the social network for social good, where your time online supports the charity of your choice freely, now with , promoting indie music that drives change...for the charities we give a poop about.

Once you're up, I can start tweeting and posting you to the other social networks as well.

Please join us: (and please be sure to create a musician as opposed to individual profile so you can share music).

Thanks again,

p.s. if you have any issues along the way, please email me at and I can help you out and please be sure to stay intouch with the progress of my challenge at thanks!

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