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#139183 by toxicmetal11
Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:14 pm
:twisted: Okay, so after 6 months of honing my metal chops, vocal and writing skills, and playing one-man-band shows at the coolest venue up the street from me, I find a great bass player and hot drummer who like my 17 original self-produced programmed drum machine, bass parts, the whole deal so much they pretty much play it note-for-note. We audition at , you guessed, my dream venue. It sounded like GOD. We played great, I sang great. The man who books the bands had to do sound that night, no prob. He was truly impressed, remembered me and stated "man, what a difference with a real band. Your guitar sound was perfect, the clean and heavy volume ratios were equal. We talked outside about a gig. One was selling tickets and splitting a percentage, "but then again I could just give you guys a break and get your foot in the door, like not a Sat night headliner (duh!!) but maybe a Friday night opener. If you don't hear from me in a week, bug me. So I waited until the following Wed. I sent an email, very clean and cool stating all we needed was that one quality gig, "foot in the door", we would bring in a sizable crowd. Let's do this Rick, it'll benefit both your club and us". Well that we did the open mic audition on Jan 12, I emailed him AND spoke to him on the phone on Wed Jan 19. So its Jan 26, nothing as of yet. The guys in the band are getting punchy; I told 'em "cool down dudes, club managers / booking agents are notoriously sluggish etc. gotta be patient. They still need "quality cover bands for Thursday nights" but we're still finishing up on enough all original material to do the Metal Friday thing, which is all original. I suspect he is booked out a ways and is trying to fit us in somewhere. Once I get the word, PROMOTION FROM HELL. Yes, there are other venues in Phoenix, Arizona. But not like Joe's Grotto. If we can establish our name and music there, we can fan out building on that success and eventally pile it all into a decent website. AM I ANYWHERE NEAR HAVING A CLUE?

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