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#26632 by Shredd6
Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:23 am
HowlinJ wrote:By the way Ted, I Have a seasoned ol' boy coming over to play guitar next Friday so I may soon be back to frontin' a full four piece rockin' band!

He'll be packin' a Fender 410 Hotrod . If things work out, how would you feel about us covering "Burn". I woudn't consider playin' it unless it sounded three quarters as good as One Day Broken's version. That would still make it an awesome song. (If you harbor any reservations, that's cool. We currently have a list of 50 songs to bone up on.)

My understanding is that the 410 is sorta like a modern 40 watt Super Reverb.
I'd be interested to hear your opinion of them if you have any.

I'm starting to get a bit hungary myself. Make mine medium rare.

Keep those cathodes and anodes cookin' too! 8)

Hell, I had no idea I would ever get the response on Burn that I've gotten. Feel free man. I'd be honored.

Fender 410's are glass. I wish I had one. I've heard one before, but it was a long time ago, and a Strat KILLS through it. Clean channel heaven.

Never forget the best part of a tube. Sure there are plates, filaments, cathodes, anodes, electricity, but Fender is all about the glass. Fender amps are like a glass of fresh water.

Fender is the king, of making the glass sing.

#26635 by Paleopete
Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:44 pm
Well, I'll be fiddling about in tube land tonight, have a gig with a local blues band at a fairly small club and just put my 1x12 cabinet together for the second amp, just for places where onstage real estate is at a premium. Should be interesting, it's my first gig with these guys and I haven't even met the bass player and drummer yet...I'll be winging it all night, I have a partial set list, but have never even heard half the songs and haven't played some of the others in years. Should be fun, but it won't be as rough as you may think, I made my living for 3 years in the late 80's doing nothing but fill in gigs, playing with bands every weekend I'd just met while setting up. So I won't be totally uncharted waters.

I've been a 100% all tube head for around 25 years, after trying to get decent sound out of solid state for a long time, it's gotta have tubes or I don't even take a second look. I mean that literally, when I check out an amp the first thing I do is lean it over an look in back, if I don't see tubes I move on and never even take a second look. If I see tubes then I plug it in...

I like an amp without master volume, they just seem to get "that sound" without even trying hard. Tonight I'll be running through my Peavey MX (30/130 watts and the 1x12 cab, so clean it hurts) and a 1973 Fender Super Reverb (45 watts, slightly modified) for raunch 'n roll deluxe. It sounds great from about 7 on the knob up, I usually end up with it maxed out. I also usually run the pedals through the MX, if I need the distortion I like the Ibanez SD 9 through th eclean amp better than through the el rauncho Super Reverb. The Marshall Bluesbreaker Overdrive is another story, it makes the Super Reverb absolutely howl...

Say what you want about turning down the volume control, I use a volume pedal and the MX for clean, I've never been able to get a better clean sound any other way. More gear to haul around, and the MX head weighs around 75 lbs, but nothing beats the sound. I keep the guitar knobs cranked all the way and use the volume pedal so I never have to stop playing to fine tune, just move my foot. I run my mid 40's Electromuse lap steel through the normal channel of the Super Reverb, and put it on a keyboard stand so I can play it then drop back to regular guitar any time, don't have to stop and swap rigs, just pull up the volume pedal. Works great and it's tone heaven. There's only one way to play the Super Reverb...cranked to 10...I've never played a better sounding amp, plug in my strat and it's tone by the bucketfull. The MX stays wherever I have to set it to match the volume level of the Super, it stays clean all the way up to 8, usually stage volume is about 4 or so.

I'm gonna make you sick here...I went to the local weekly auction last year and like a dummy missed a chance at a Hammond M3, the B3's baby brother, it went for $85, and still worked but needed a major tune up. Unfortunately it didn't have a Leslie with it. I was trying to get the auctioneer's attention to bid $90 when he sold it for $85. Waited too long to decide to bid, but when I realized it was about to go for under a hundred bucks, figured I'd put it on consignment at a local guitar store. Oh and by the way, I just took my Wurlitzer Electronic Piano (1978 model by the transformer/pot date codes) to the music store where I'm working and set it up, it's sounding great so if you get a chance to cruise through north LA drop by and I'll let you tickle the ivories a bit. Everybody loves it...NO it's not for sale... :D

I'm not sure (is that you that's in Kilgore TX?) where Kilgore is, but I'm about 2 1/2 hours from the LA/TX line, in the northeast corner of LA, and I think a local pawn shop still has a nice little Traynor 40 watt 1x12 combo going for $400, they'll probably take $350 if you flash some bills. I've considered trying to grab it, but I already have a 73 Super Reverb, 74 Champ, Peavey MX, Peavey Classic 212 (70's) and an old Harmony practice amp, so I haven't looked at it real close, but it's all tube so it should sound good. Don't remember but I think you said it's a crate you have on the way? It'll probably do pretty well, Crate has always made good stuff, and some of their tube amps are definitely worth a second look. Hope you like it.

#26642 by gbheil
Fri Mar 28, 2008 2:45 pm
Thanks for the info Billy but its actually a Carvin amp Ive got in transit.
Went out on a limb here in Kilgore (60 miles west of Shreveport of of I20)
on that amp not being experienced with this sort of thing. I'm really new to all this, most folk would consider me a beginner guitarist and that would be an accurate desciption. I gave up a 20+ year martial arts lifestyle to do something different in my life, and I'm loving every minute even though it can be frustrating starting at the bottom of a new lifestyle at my age. But like the younger boys say.
Its all good.
Hope all goes well with your gig bro.

#26666 by HowlinJ
Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:11 pm
I let my Yamaha synths do all the talkin' these days, but that M3 would definitely have been a score. Values will only go up on them. I've heard that Booker T played an M3 on Green Onions! (that would go good with Teddey's stakes)
Love to jam out with an ol' rocker such as yourself. If I ever get down to the bayou, I'll be callin'.

Far Out!, I'll be penciling in Burn on the "feasibility " list for consideration.
Even a great tune ain't worth much if it don't get played .

Great thread!


#26873 by Shredd6
Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:53 am
HowlinJ wrote:Pete,

Far Out!, I'll be penciling in Burn on the "feasibility " list for consideration.
Even a great tune ain't worth much if it don't get played .


Cool man.. No pressure, but if you do decide to cover it live, you'd be the first ones to ever play it in front of an audience. (Kick 'em in the nuts for me ok.) Being such a big fan of G.E.. I'm sure you'll do the song justice. I can't wait. I'd like a video of the cover if it would be possible.

#26894 by Paleopete
Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:37 pm
Thanks for the info Billy but its actually a Carvin amp Ive got in transit.

OOPS...Didn't scroll back and thought you said Crate...anyway Carvin makes good stuff too, bass player Friday night was running one. 60 miles west of Shreveport...I'd probably drive that far for a good band as frustrated as I am right now. It's 2 hours to Shreveport, another hour wouldn't be a big issue and I lived in Texas for 30 years and liked it really well, wouldn't mind going back either. Unfortunately I don't think you're looking for a guitar player...not that I remember anyway...

Gig went...well, it went...I wasn't a happy camper, first set sucked, but the last half went really well. Singer/band leader (??) showed up way late with the PA, we should have started at 9, I didn't crank up the Super Reverb till 10:30. Then he got wasted, fell down onstage, stumbled outside and puked/passed out, puked/passed out, you know the deal. Sent his girlfriend in to tell me he was "sick" and it was my show about 12:00 or so, just after first break, (over a half hour) two songs into second set (bad ones, he was wasted).. I just met the drummer and bass player 3 hours ago, and had no idea what they could play, but did know they were GOOD...but I was stuck, I had to pull off the rest of the night with no idea what these guys could really do...

After that it went really well, even the club owner told me we were much better without him and I was the best guitar player he'd seen in a long time. It surprised me but we never took more than 30 seconds to think up the next song to try, get the key straight and forge ahead. Even managed to pull off a couple I had never tried to play, 3 piece no less, where there's nowhere to hide a bad guitar glitch. When the bass player wanted to call a song and sing it, I was glad he was ready instead of pulling the a**hole routine and teling him it was MY show...he hit a sour vocal note now and then but not too bad, not bad enough I thought it would be prudent to cut him off. Overall he did well in a tough situation.

Both bass player and drummer were very good players, bass player never touched his volume knob all night as far as I could tell, he just picked softer for the quieter passages, and did that well too, good dynamics. He fingerpicked all night too.

So overall we turned a turd into a diamond, impressed a lot of people, especially the club owner who couldn't stop complimenting us. I was very pleased with the last half of the show and will most likely be pulling out and may even try to put something together with just bass player and drummer, and without the singer/songwriter/guitar player/band leader (??) who dumped this mess on us. This is not the first time he's been late and unprepared, but not for a gig, this was my first gig with the band and first time to meet the other musicians. Bass player invited me and my date (my very best friend too and she told me she was embarrassed as well) to go see his other band this coming Friday night, I plan to bring a guitar or two...I expect to be asked to sit in, but I may be wrong...I'll have a guitar in the Jeep just in case though...


I've played in a band with an M3, sonically you can't tell it from a B3 and that band played "Green Onions" with it. I wish I had waved a minute sooner, I could have resold it on consignment for a major profit in no time at a local guitar store, no problem. All it needed was new tubes and probably a cap job, around $200-250 total and could have sold for $1000 without trying hard, $1500 if I wanted to wait a month or three...possibly more, you have a better idea of the Hammond's value than I do...somebody kick me... :shock:

#26988 by Shredd6
Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:30 am
Alright man.. So one day I was surfin' ebay. Ran across a cheap Westinghouse 12ax7 for sale. $18

The picture was just a tube sitting next to a ragged box. 6-days and no bids.. I just said "oh what the f**k, I'll give this tube a shot."

The Westinghouse came. But at the time, I was going through RCA's, Mullards, G.E.'s, the Westinghouse was kind of an impulse buy, but it did sound good in the Marshall.

It stayed in my Marshall for a while, I was testing the big boys in the Mesa, and I really wasn't paying any attention to the Marshall.

On one of my brain-stormin' days, I decide to try the Westinghouse in the Mesa.

I'm not familiar with Westinghouse tubes, but this tube is killer.

I've tried it in every situation possible. V-12345, it doesn't matter, this thing kills. It's one of my favorite tubes I've run across. It's every bit as good as my G.E.'s and RCA's in it's own way. It might actually be the most versatile 12ax7 I own. Made in Canada.

I guess my point is, a shot in the dark, a crap shoot, can sometimes work in your favor, but this is the equivalent of throwin' snake-eyes.

Tomorrow, I have a competitor for the #1 slot (V1). It's on like Donkey Kong. May the best tube win.

Image Image

#27025 by gbheil
Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:26 pm
You scare me Pete :shock: Hell I'm such a newbe If a player of your exp walked in I'd be back to shootin pool with my old lady faster than a cat can lick his butt. In a month you could not knock the dust off of my Strat with a hammer. :(
But it's nice to know you would consider the trip if we were in the market cause who knows man the day is young and crap happens.
Glad to hear the turd took on a shine in the end!

#27041 by gbheil
Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:31 pm

#27058 by jw123
Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:47 pm
Well we wont see George for a couple of days!

#27067 by gbheil
Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:27 pm
Wrong? Amp sounds great so far. Think its gonna be titts once I get the settings I want for each genre of song worked out. the Soak control really seems to give me a lot of crunch without having to crank the V too much. But Damn this thing will get loud for such a small amp. My cut pinky is bleeding again so I'm gonna super glue it and play more tonight.
Wanted to take a moment to thank all ya'l for the info and encouragement.

#27088 by jw123
Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:00 pm
Once again really play with the treble and mid. Like Ive said before you dont have to max out your gain to get a really good sound.

I took my daughter to a play yesterday afternoon and they had this young guy playing guitar and sax. He had a great sound without being real loud. He had a Fender Tele and a Carvin, Im not sure which model but he had this clean Fender twinn sound going that was to die for, and then he would just roll the guitar volume and get this great bluesy breakup out of that rig. This guy was only 14 or 15 and knows more about guitar tone than me and Ive been trying for 30 yrs.

#27155 by gbheil
Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:40 pm
Ive been messin with it as suggested and getting some real nice tones from the lead channel. I also think I will forgo the wireless setup Ive been using as it seems to color the tone quite a bit. I used the voiced line out into my PA this evening with good results so far. Me and the boys are practicing tomorrow. should be interesting. Dug out my delay pedal to try through the effects loop at the suggestion of our base player while we were doing some blues stuff off the cuff last week..

#27182 by Paleopete
Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:32 am
You scare me Pete Shocked Hell I'm such a newbe If a player of your exp walked in I'd be back to shootin pool with my old lady faster than a cat can lick his butt.


Wrong thing to say to me though...

The best piece of advice I think I can give any beginner or intermediate player is never, EVER pass up a chance to pick some guitar with a better player.

1. You'll have to work for it, you can only come out a better player.

2. You'll learn something just about every time.

That and try to copy some sax solos, sax is close to the same range as guitar and most sax players can easily sound smoother than most guitar players. Like every note is coated with teflon...

I rarely play master volume amps, I like a straight tube amp better-preferably cranked to 10, but usually with a master volume I like the gain around 6-7 or so. That's about the range you can get a good full rhythm sound with some crunch, leads with an edge and still clean it up with the volume knob. Then again I don't use the volume knob either, I play strictly volume pedal, and a dual amp rig with one clean, one raunch 'n roll. The volume pedal cleans it up some too, but doesn't cut the pickup output, just the signal so I don't lose the highs either.

With my Super Reverb (silverface) I get the tone I want with bass at 4, mids around 6 or 7 and treble about 6. Volume on 10. And some hot preamp tubes...most other amps I keep the bass around 6 or 7 and the rest is about the same, the silverface Fenders had lots of bass (too much with stock capacitors) and mine's been modified to cut it to at least a usable level, and could probably stand another notch so it's pretty hot in the bass department, I have to keep it a bit lower.

#27214 by jw123
Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:52 pm

What are you using to split the signal between the 2 amps? An A/B box are do you run both all the time. Whenever I run 2 amps, I have used an old Morley A/B box, but the amps get noisy.

Thanks JW

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