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#229747 by Cajundaddy
Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:37 pm
sanshouheil wrote:Great information guys !
The guys who dis this site are daft.

I'm going to add my .02 . . . everything . . . and I mean everything . . . in studio or stage go through my power conditioners.

Recently had a rehearsal in a venue that has multiple light configurations including dimmers . . . we just used our amps ETC for a quick jam session.
Every amp in the house had a buzz. Infuriating.

Lesson . . . when I go back . . . a power conditioner goes with me or I don't go.

Sadly, I never had any luck with a Furman power conditioner eliminating hum generated from low quality stage lighting dimmers. The conditioner would give me nice smooth even voltage and surge protection but no line noise suppression. We still had massive hum, hence the comp/gate on the PA. The gate is the only thing that consistently worked. Sometimes you need a screwdriver, sometimes a 3 lb sledgehammer.

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