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#54634 by Andragon
Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:47 pm
He's a really good bassist. He's always on time, hitting the perfect notes and he really makes this somewhat-alternative rock band a lot heavier.

#54684 by repressthecadence
Wed Jan 28, 2009 5:14 am
Andragon wrote:Okay, Phil. Check this bassline in the intro: 40 seconds in. It would still sound good dry [aka with no effects, just amplification], but imo, it sounds killer how it is.


So you like Chris Wolstenholme too, huh? Awesome. Muse is amazing.

EDIT: Oh, look for "The Groove" too. That's another awesome Muse song with a nice bassline.

#54728 by Andragon
Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:59 pm
He's one of my favorite bassists. But I have quite a big list of favorites. I don't like Muse that much. It's just their heavy tracks or psychedelic geetar riffs.

#54747 by repressthecadence
Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:38 pm
Oh, they were my favorite band for a long while. Matt Bellamy's vocals really influenced me, too. You should really check out some of their B-sides. They've got some really good stuff out that's a bit hard to find.

#60449 by ck77
Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:33 pm
I have a Russian Big Muff, and it's absolutely essential for some of the more "bass-dominant" material that I do. However, I realize that I can't use it all the time...With that said, I feel a little distortion can really help out during a guitar solo when there's no rhythm guitar present.

#60941 by ted_lord
Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:31 pm
the way I use my effects similar to Justin Chancellor of Tool, and feebly trying to touch at Keith Emerson's work doesn't seem to be that outrageous to me. I use a Digitech Bp 50 processor (its what I got) the delay is really good, as is the reverb with a touch of chorus you can get a really nice distortion, and cover a lot of whammy territory too, no pedal for the wah though so its kinda hit or miss

#61771 by PocketGroovesGSO
Mon Mar 30, 2009 4:47 pm
I like using effects in my bass sessions, but I use them sparingly, and ONLY IF THE SONG CALLS FOR IT. As a bassist, I find it annoying when a bass player uses effects excessively because I feel that it takes away from the song, and therefore turns into a 5-minutes long bass solo that happens to have other musicians playing as well. When effects are used tastefully, it adds a lot of flavor to the song. No disrespect -- just my opinion for what its worth. :)

I've found that a solid EQ and compression/limiting work best for me, and that's what I use on a per gig basis. If I get a chance to break out the phaser, or wah, or something fun like that, I'm all for it -- as long as it fits the song.

#61776 by PocketGroovesGSO
Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:19 pm
adytiger wrote:Nah, bass players should just go "thud, thud , thud" - leave the cool stuff to the 6 string guys. What next - 5 or 6 string basses? Phooey!

:roll: 5-string and 6-string bassists are here to stay.

#206588 by st_crystal
Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:01 pm
songright1 wrote:No matter which effect workes best for you, the compressor should be in the mix somewhere for basses,preferably right after the bass. compresson used properly will bring the sting volumes close to equal. For instance the A note played on the E string will have the same punch as the A note played on the G string. this helps greatly in controling your tones. anyone agree or disagree?

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#206596 by jw123
Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:44 pm
St that post you put up is over 3 years old

#214763 by Chris Volpini
Thu May 16, 2013 11:26 am
When it comes to effects, I personally think a lot of people go overboard. I have 5 pedals and I don't use most of them. I use my EBS valvedrive quite a bit, but I never use the overdrive, just the tube EQ. The rest I use here and there to color certain parts of certain songs, but honestly, bass players never need to use effects

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