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#295605 by scragin
Thu Dec 02, 2021 2:39 am
Today, a guitarist in my band accused me of frying his pedal because I plugged a powered speaker (Behringer) into the same power source (outlet) as him (I'm a vocalist). He said all of his pedals were "shocking" him and that the source of the problem and the fried pedal was the fact that I plugged the speaker into the same power source as his pedals and the mixer for the speaker was plugged into a different outlet (or not same as speaker).

Does this make sense? Are pedals that sensitive? He claims that somehow there was some kind of feedback through the power sources. He was really pissed and confronted me the minute we practiced after the gig.

Are there some rules/recommendations about how you power different amps and pedals and such?
#295606 by Mordgeld
Thu Dec 02, 2021 3:49 pm
Nope. At worst, some equipment can induce hum or noise in a power line. Assuming your speaker is three prong, (grounded plug) it would probably be better shielded from power line issues than his pedals. Now everybody makes their own choice when they plug in. My equipment is on the other side of a power conditioner unit. Perhaps his should be also. It sounds like he's trying to scapegoat you for his own shite setup. I have powered speakers and have definitely plugged them directly into the same source as various guitar effects with no ill effects. Unless I am missing something here, it sounds like he has a short to ground in a pedal.
#295607 by Soul Man
Sat Dec 11, 2021 9:30 am
Sounds like he should be using a surge protector. Using the same power source would make no difference, if the was an issue with the source, it would have had an impact on your equipment too.

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