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#26967 by John Paul Jones Group
Mon Mar 31, 2008 2:37 am
Fact is just because we are musicians and do or don't make a lot a money gives us no right to ask for a hand-out which is essentially what is happening when you tell someone to offer their service for free. Bandmix is a service and a business, and the owners have every right to make a living and feed their families. I have been a musician for over 25 years and for 16 of those years something as good as bandmix has not been available or lasted. Paying someone for a service is the best way to get a good service. Would you call the electric utility up and ask them to give you their service for free just because you are a musician or you can't afford the service? Why should be any different? Pay the subscription fee, if you can't afford it then get a job that will pay for the service, or purchase less smokes and go out and party less, whatever it takes you should be able to pay for services that are valuable to your music career. Believe me I love free services as much as the next guy, but I am tired of the ads, I like to know that if I pay for something, I am getting what I paid for and Bandmix is one of those services that would not benefit from being a "free" service. I want to contact persons who are serious enough about their music to do the proverbial "put their money" where their.... is because I have played with a lot of good musicians and poor musicians, but the best ones were the one's that would spend their last dollar to further their career.

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