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#288297 by Mordgeld
Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:55 pm
Alright, I'll bite. I listened to a few songs you have up. Let me preface by saying I'd go see you play if you were nearby.

Before you record anything above demo level, the guitar solos might need to be examined. They are some clearly dissonant notes in them and I'm not sure if that is what you are going for. I like the up-tempo songs a little better. Those seem like they would play well live. I like the harmony in some of the bridges but the drums seem to lose the energy to carry a strong rhythm feel during them. In my opinion, the feel of your songs is almost like a more punk rock version of Marcy Playground but with higher vocals.
#288490 by schmedidiah
Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:31 am
I only listened on a phone, but I'd second what he said.

1. Pin those vocal melodies down precisely where they belong. The whole delivery is unspirited and uninspiring.

2. Guitars in music that's even remotely considered punk should roar. Instead, they wimper in the background. I thought the drums were decent, but the verse where he's stabbing at the hi-hat and not letting it ring at all seems pretty juvenile. It sticks right out in that sparse mix and robs attention from the vox and guitar.

3. bass was decent, but overall I'm not hearing these instruments played with the intensity I'd expect on a song like this.

4. The guitar solo could work with the tonality adventuring but that would require some dirt and delay and/or reverb.

Good luck.
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#288696 by schmedidiah
Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:49 pm
Vampier wrote:Smutty, Smutty, Smutty ... :D

Address the music or get lost weirdo! :lol:
#289160 by schmedidiah
Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:42 pm
Vampier wrote:Smut ... why did you not asdk him to listen to your "music" ? :lol:

That's not my name, but if you're talking to me rephrase it.
#289161 by schmedidiah
Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:44 pm
Also, maybe try and listen to the song. Female vocals. :roll:

Vampier wrote:Smut ... why did you not asdk him to listen to your "music" ? :lol:

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