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#250312 by RGMixProject
Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:50 am
The Road Back; I like it a lot. I love the fact that I got caught up in a day dream and the guitar told me a story of a long and dusty road that I got lost at a long long time ago....

Unanswered question; What are six strings of love... your guitar.

If I get home; good song, vocal a little in and out of tune.

Dance with you; sorry just not feeling it on this one

more to follow... Thanks for sharing
#250494 by schmedidiah
Sun Nov 22, 2015 2:29 pm
Toni. Please stop spamming the board. That's rude. Make this your go to thread and don't start any new ones. Just some friendly advice.

The Road Back - the guitar work is stellar. Could have kicked up the overdrive on one of those segments, but you never lost me.
The Bass is just plodding along, playing only the root note. That's fine for most people, but without a triad here or there, it's not providing a counter melody that draws the listener in closer.
The drums were just too flat and clinical. Without some style and unpredictability coming from your percussion tracks, you sound like a genre that a top notch guitarist such as yourself doesn't want to be associated with. I'll leave it at that.
Hope that helps.
Going back that video with the acoustic next.

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