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Rate your favorite bands and albums.

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#271850 by tony566474
Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:46 am
If I've replied here before, please delete this post:

I'm a huge Elvis Presley fan and I enjoy all of his music (except for a few movie soundtrack songs). Here's my favorites so far for 2017:

"Elvis: That's The Way It Is" (Deluxe Edition: 8-CD/2-DVD)
"Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works" (6-CDs/3-DVDs)
"Elvis On Tour" LPs that I have
"Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii"

I also have a 100-CD set of the outtakes from all of Elvis's recording sessions which gives me a lot of enjoyment to listen to. It's titled "A Master In The Studio" and the quantity of discs are over 100 CDs. It's really neat - but sad - to listen to Elvis's final recording sessions @ Graceland from February 2 - 7, 1976 and then again from October 29-November 1, 1976. I also enjoy listening to the STAX recording session that are contained in "Elvis @ STAX" the 3-CD set that was released in 2013 by Sony.
#272500 by nick1180232
Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:54 am
To me when it comes to an album that really woke me up was made in japan,wow!what I found strange however is that it never gets mentioned in prog magazines where bands like genesis gets me in the early '70s there was purple and then everyone else.
#277854 by pengu
Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:42 pm
My two favorite albums of recent months are "Portal of I" by Ne Obliviscaris and "Quiet World" by Native Construct.

Portal of I is rooted in death metal, but includes a violinist into their main line-up, which can create a dichotomy between the extreme heaviness of some parts with the soulful violin thrown on the top layer. It also has a lot of Spanish guitar influences during the clean breaks, and the bass stands out quite a bit in a lot of segments, which to me is a good thing, though I am a bassist, so I might be biased.
Quiet World is very hard to place a genre on, mainly because it goes through so many genres. It's a concept album, telling the story of a mute boy who creates a world inside his head after he is rejected by his love interest. There is a lot of musical theater influence, and it is very theatrical overall, but it has a lot of heavy segments too.

Portal of I:
Quiet World:

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