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#12712 by Paleopete
Wed Sep 26, 2007 12:35 pm
I don't know about others, but I'm getting bored of hearing the same-old same-old, repeated endlessly.

Exactly why I never listen to radio any more, and haven't for around 15 years. I play CD's at home and in vehicle, record live shows off PBS (Austin City Limits and Soundstage are both excellent) or did when I had a TV working, now I don't have the antenna hooked up, that's how much TV means to's no better than radio.

I came from the 60's...yeah I'm a bald headed hippie. Didn't like AM radio then, FM was just becoming popular, but after a few years the FM stations that were playing whole albums and B cuts gradually evolved into clones of AM radio playing nothing but the same top 40 as AM and the same insult-to-your-intelligence commercials, the same Dj screaming at you, I just got sick of hearing the same few songs constantly and even the Classic Rock stations are syndicated, played off a tape or CD and if it's not on their playlist it doesn't exist.

I called in a request for a song off a CD I knew the station had, they had already played another song from the same CD, the DJ told me it was not on their playlist, he couldn't play it...on an all request day..."You say it, we play it" was their advertising line. I quoted that ad, then told him I guess you should change that to "You say it, we still play just the few songs we want to."

And quit listening to radio altogether.

Then there's the "new stuff"...what little is actually music, is drivel. 3 power chords and someone to scream some inane lyrics, some make up that makes you look 3 weeks dead and you have a successful band...that or some moron screaming insults, obscenities and degrading nonsense along with a bass drum you can hear for 4 blocks. It's violent, vulgar, rude, insulting and 12 year olds listen to nothing else. what's even more distressing is their parents LET THEM...along with letting them walk around town with their butts hanging out of their pants.

I won't even try to be tactful about it, rap is the worst kind of foul, disgusting garbage I've ever heard in my life, I'm absolutely astounded people will let 6 to 12 year old kids listen to anything so rude, insulting, degrading and obscene. Metal, while not my cup of tea, still actually resembles music. They do play guitars and basses, drums, even if most of it is pretty rudimentery 3 power chord dead simple songs, and sometimes the direction the lyrics take makes you wonder if it's a better style for your 12 year old to listen to...but it does have a melody line, does use something besides a sequencer (which doesn't require the ability to actually play an instrument) so it does actually qualify as music.

In my area, bands are few and far between, I've had flyers up in every music store in the area for 3 years and got 2 calls, at the clubs here you're doing good if you make more than $75 each a night, (in 1985 I was making $100 a night and up, that's not progress, folks) and if you want to play at all you'd better have a longer country list than rock. And I HATE father tried to ram it down my throat, screamed and cussed at me for 30 years because I liked rock, I absolutely despise country, and still have to play it if I want to play around here at all. And can't make anywhere near decent money for doing it, and can't find musicians dedicated and serious enough to try to put together a band that can play better venues outside the local bar scene.

OK I'll quit ranting...

Your friendly neighborhood old hippie...stuck in redneck land...

#12714 by Franny
Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:03 pm
I lived the "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" life in my teens, yes back when "Classic Rock" was being played by the original groups... :cry:
I moved on musically into R&B and Funk in the late 70's...needless to say, being a Blonde haired Blue eyed Funk Bass player just didn't have the appeal, know what i mean?
So i put my grip in the closet around 84 and didn't give it another thought till 2000-01 (it's OK to yell at me over it, can't hurt me no worse than the beating i put on myself). So i came back out after all those years to my "first love" the Electric Bass. Still playing or going the funk with Jazz/Fusion route (so how'd i end up playing Contemporary Christian?).
Anyhow, what i'm getting at is; i ran across an old friend from the 70's that had started playing bass 5 years prior so he asked me to bring my gear to his place and mess around and jam some, in the meaantime he haled another friend over (that i used to play with in the R&R days) on guitar...lo and behold...the poor guy still played the same stuff (not gear)that we played back in the 70's...i jammed with them for an hour or 2 on the Classic Rock that was all they could muster...then excused myself and yet to return, though asked a few more times.
My point? "I" don't understand how a musician cannot evolve musically, i personally get no enjoyment from playing the same stuff from 30+ years ago, let alone playing it strickly for the last 30 must just be me, as alot of players are 'stuck' in it...

#12717 by RhythmMan
Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:57 pm
Paleopete, you covered it pretty well, man. Everything from the fact that most musicians now seem to only know 3 chords, to the foul lyrics, to FM Radio.
I, too, remember when FM was 'cool.'
AM radio was bland poppish-sounding lollypop music mixed in with a bunch of other stuff that people with creative minds - just plain avoided. And it was intersticed with commercials written and acted-out by annoyingly plastic people.
FM was where ALL the 'new' stuff was - the unusual music, creative stuff, new directions, the just plain cool-sounding songs.
The really great and crative stuff. A lot of musicians now wouldn't be where they are w/o FM radio.
But, then, as you said, FM was 'infiltrated' by AM; and you got the annoying commericials mixed in with the cool announcements.
And the pop music started showing up.
And the 'cool' DJs were being replaced by the shouting, fast-talking, bland, insincere, loud-mouthed walking-commercials.
Used to be that FM DJs were they type of people you hung out with. They got replaced by ass . . . uh, the type of people we all detested.
Yeah I've run into people who are still playing the same songs after 20 years. BORING, huh?
God, how many times can you play the SAME song?
I very, very rarely play old songs.
And I never play 3-chord songs, or 4-chord songs.
Oh, sure there's lots of really good 4 chord songs. But they're boring to play(unless you don't have very much experience).
For me, a 3-4 chord song is like punching a time-card, and then screwing bottle caps on an assembly line for 8 hours . . .
The same thing, over and over and over . . . until it's time to punch the time card; time for relief, time to go home . . .
. . . not very exciting, eh?
If there's no challenge - it's not interesting . . .
. . . kind of like; if you want to read a good mystery, but you're forced to hear,"See Dick. See Dick run. Run, run, run . . . "
Oh, sure, those stories are great for learning how to read . . .
And the songs you've heard 4,982 times before? Hey, man, sorry, the thrill is gone . . .
And, no, I do NOT even enjoy playing "Stormy Monday" once in a while. Sure it's a great song. I used to love it, too. But, now I'm just sick of hearing it. PLEASE don't ask me to play it . . .
One needs to keep learning new things, or risk becoming mediocre.
One can challenge oneself, or one can rest on one's laurels.
But those who quite learning will be quickly eclipsed by those who continue learning . . .

#18091 by RhythmMan
Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:02 pm
Any old-timers here in CT?

#18124 by HowlinJ
Fri Dec 28, 2007 3:11 am
I'm on my 58th trip around the sun.Guess that puts me in the "ol' fart" catagory. If I ever get the time I may read this entire thread. anyways,
Rock @ Roll; Rock in most all its forms ; Blues ; Country,...did it all.
I performed with players from"just learning" to "a whole lot better then me". I never got real famous, but I managed to play an awful lot of gigs and still stay "married with children". At one point, my wife (after raiseing our three sons) picked up the bass and she was playing too. My last band included one of my sons on bass. (check out our profile). I've written many songs, both good and bad. Been recorded ,pressed on vinyl,and been played on the radio. I play synthersizers, harmonica and sing when I'm "playen' out".At home I amuse myself playing piano, guitar, recorder(as in flute), theremin, sax and a little bit of balaiaika...ANYWAY...that's about me,......I will bore you no longer.

My fellow "oldsters"(hate the term),
If you're tired of "three chord rock" or whatever,may I suggest listening to some "30's pop" or "Miles" or "Vauhan Williams"or "anything else",.....thats what I do. .....ANYWAY.......I'm fixin' to put a new band togeter,play the blues for some "drunks', have fun,and KEEP ON ROCKIN!

P.S......I've only been doing this computer thing for a few weeks, but have learned a lot of new things from " The Youngens"...(found them to be pretty cool).
#18129 by MBE1
Fri Dec 28, 2007 4:23 am
Anonymous wrote:I have been playing a loooong time. I am an old fart who has played with the stars of yesteryear and only seek people who are willing to do something fun, interesting, and bluesy. Little rehearsing and a modicum of gigs to entice everyone.

Someone contact me and improve my look on life, music and the pursuit of normalcy.

I'm here, but you're there - can't do much about that, but I've been telling everyone I know about BandMix, so maybe we can just take over!

Iain McLennon
Portland, OR
The ByrdBrains

#18151 by Gi
Fri Dec 28, 2007 4:56 pm
people are complaining about the "same old stuff", yet there is criticism of bands whose songs are built on 3 power chords. these bands (like Three Days Grace) would NEVER have been heard on the radio prior to about 1992, in my opinion. to an extent, i think they are still a fresh alternative to typical rock programming where you hear "Sweet Child O' Mine" twice a day, every day. (dont even get me started on ACDC).

this 3-chord "drivel" can be very ugly to some people, but there are songs such as "I Hate Everything About You", or "On a Plain" (simple structured, loud, raucous songs) that make me feel alive.

scoff if you must, but we are all different. i see so much contradiction, if not hypocrisy throughout this thread.

#18153 by Guitaranatomy
Fri Dec 28, 2007 5:30 pm
Gi, Three Days Grace has some good stuff... But um...Them and Breaking Benjamin first off are clones, and second off are studio bands. You put these guys on a stage and they are half assed and their music has no talent. I agree with you that some pieces sound good even if they are basic, but you know, I just am not impressed by those bands. The bands today just plain out suck, no talent left. Once in a while you catch a good song these days, but it takes a lot.

The only band today that has complex music is Incubus. I love playing "Drive," "Anna Molly," and "Megalomanic."

You know who I liked, Saliva. I loved that band, but their new album lacks any real ability. I do not think techinical playing is everything, I can't, because I love Metallica and their stuff is fairly easy to play. However, like I said, the bands today are just sellouts to their record labels with no talent. So thank God for people like Chris Cornell who dropped out of Audio-Slave as not to be controlled by a label company.

Note, I am just responding to you, I did not go over this thread. Sorry guys if I am off topic by any means, just replying to Gi.

Peace out, GuitarAnatomy.

#20563 by Ericste498
Fri Feb 01, 2008 1:33 am
I have a select bunch of old farts, "Vintage" if you will, who get together on weekends in Solon, Iowa, 5miles north of Iowa City, Iowa. We need a drummer. Any takers over 40?

If so, email eric_steinmetz(at)
#20566 by WalterL48
Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:03 am
I too am a 'seasoned' musician. I play the Keyboard (original instrument was an accordion ........ OK stop laughing) and also sing backup. I'm in Greenville, SC. Hoping to hook up with an established band or semi-established.

#20605 by The KIDD
Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:51 pm
Hey Gang,

Man , we ARE gettin some old dudes on this board.. :lol: When I first joined,, 45 was pretty much the start of oldtimerhood here...Maybe the bar will be raised and I can go back to being one the youngins.. :lol: ...I havent seen anyone here in their 70's.....YET...I do know a couple rockers 72- 73 who can still bang it...They dont like the internet though... :lol: ...Yeah,Id gladly trade with anyone 10-15 yrs older than me to have experienced the 50s'& 60s'...Man , all the analog inventions during that time...Heck ,I used to get the biggest kick outta being able to record 4 trks on ONE tape recorder...How bout when we used to take one battery out and record, then put it back in and hear the voice sped up... :lol: ..Reverse the voltage on some and play it backwards...Now I can do all that with 2 clicks of a mouse ..OLE DEATH , WHERE IS THY STING.... WELCOME NEW OLDTIMERS..

#95109 by american drummer
Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:47 pm
I thought I was the only one being told that you are too old to play... I too can not find anybody who wants to play ..... ITS their LOSS.... I am from North Carolina...

#95114 by Starfish Scott
Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:03 pm
It's not how old you are, just whether or not they liked your music until the next band comes on.

I also like "you are only as good as your last performance".

If you are really older (reads "experienced"), you end up considering variations on a visual. (new costume, gimmicks, smoke + or light, antics)

(the break away JDaniels bass is a good example)
(climbing the tower during "monsters of rock") ssdd.

Scripted stuff is hit or miss. If you try it and it's working, roll with it.
If it gives you problems, drop it and go.
The ability to AD LIB is paramount. It's like spackle for the rough spots during your show.

Have you heard the band "Slipknot">?

(Ever wonder why they wear masks?)
It's not because they are ugly per se. lol

#104780 by redstrat
Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:19 am
dp harris remember me .

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