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#295056 by Badstrat
Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:48 pm
Now don't say that I haven't contributed the General Music Chat section of BandMix lately. The lyrics are sung to
"Ghost Riders in the Sky"

Ghost Walker in D.C.   (Lyrics : Slacker G)

As I walked around in Washington one dark and dreary day
I saw a ghostly figure cursing as she went her way
She yelled:Trump's a Russian oligarch  impeach him right away
As she swung around her Gucci purse   out fell that dossier

little Pencil Neck and Comey followed close behind
they raced to grab the dossier but paid her never mind
she turned around and swung at them and screamed it wasn't hers
but Shiftt and Comey ran so fast   she saw nothing but a blur

I'm president
I'm president
was her spiteful cry

We have to tell the Nancy and then she will impeach Trump
but everything that Shifttless claimed was pulled out of his rump
The gullible believed him but naysayers saw right through
the phony Comey / Shifttless plan   just reeked of doggy doo

I'm president
I'm president
was her spiteful cry

Stenny Hoyer loved the plan and Nancy went to work
she painted Trump as evil and a racist crazy jerk
But the Donald had the goods on her and Twitter spread his truth
it exposed the evil demoncraps as degenerate and uncouth

I'm president
I'm president
was her spiteful cry
#295061 by schmedidiah
Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:29 pm
wow. a music post from Slacker. no thanks pal. my friends go to parties, not partys. :roll:

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