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Looking for serious music collaborators

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:03 pm
by toneguy86
Hey to the forum but not so much to Bandmix. I live in rural Northern Wisconsin which means to pool of players is small. There is talent here, but the good people all work all the time. Currently I have 3 drummers that I use for gigs in the northern half of the state and 3 others I use when we are down south or in IL or IN. Nobody as a regular. I also have a keys guy and two other guitar players filling in as needed too. My bass player wife (I as hell right?) and I have a serious trajectory and a lot of energy, gigs, etc. We are recording and doing some bigger shows. Opened for Los Lobos in IN a few weeks ago. I'm looking for the serious next piece to our collaboration. We are willing to travel to meet people who want to do this for real.

Right now Bandmix sort of seems like a bust. I either get people who aren't serious or aren't very good players who inquire. Help, ideas, recommendations appreciated.