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#294867 by unam45
Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:18 pm
I like Fantano, but it's always better to listen to albums before you hear/read reviews of them, otherwise the reviews might influence your opinion and make you dislike an album you otherwise would have liked.

A forum with pretty diverse states/ review website. The charts let you look at genres by year and ratings by year. You can rate the music you listen to, discuss music with others, read reviews, see top charts for what is popular on the site right now.

This site has the best chart system on the internet. You can look up artists by genre, by country, by year etc. There is also a list feature where people compile lists of artists based on a theme you can discover bands through this as well.

really entertaining reviewer and probably the most popular. While I don't always agree with his opinions he backs up what he says well, and he covers a lot of big releases in the underground music world as they come out.

A 4chan forum that is dedicated to discussing music (read: Korean girls and Death Grips). Note that this forum is quite unfriendly to people who aren't well versed with the essentials and caught up to the latest happenings in the music scene but can be a pretty fun/funny place to hang out.

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