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#294604 by agnes1367474
Wed May 15, 2019 9:30 pm
I've been learning major/minor scales, minor/major pentatonic and blues minor and major scales recently along with intervals.

I just had a mind blown moment calculating a G major blue scales based off of the G pentatonic scale where i simply have to insert a flattened 5th between the 3rd and 4th note of the scale to make the blues note.

Then I chose a box pattern, since I'm a beginner, to practice the scale and its the one I am most familiar with for pentatonics(E caged shape). After a while I was like, isn't this the exact same notes for the E minor blues scales??

So then, I went to the wiki to find out what this is called

So the question I have now is, is the cherry/bright sound specifically made when one starts on the root/tonic note of the major scale and NOT(excluding where the first note actually happens to be the root) the first note in a box pattern?

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